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Humans are future-focused folk. Preoccupied with what’s coming next, sometimes we forget to enjoy the journey. And, really, that’s what life is all about… #DeepCoffeeChats #PactCoffeeWisdom

With that in mind, here are seven things the vast majority of us are counting down to (including Christmas!) - and our top tips for making the most of the lead up.

The 12th December General Election

We’d hate to overuse a meme, but another one?! Yup. Whatever your political persuasion, two weeks from Christmas seems a less than optimal time to drag yourself to a local Primary school to vote - they’ll be too many false-bearded, bejewelled 7-year-olds in the way of the booths, for goodness’ sake!

Be that as it may, it’s happening. So why not make the best of it? Apply for a postal vote so you can avoid the chill, encourage any fellow door-knocking volunteers to mix campaigning with carolling for a warmer reception, use any unwanted leaflets you’re given as recycled wrapping paper… get creative!

The coming weekend

General, we know. But now that it’s dark before you leave the office, the warm embrace of the sofa and a good boxset is more appealing than ever. But there’s too many weekdays to just wish them away!

Embrace your Monday-to-Friday instead. Grab a nice breakfast with the radio before you leave for work, or download a banging podcast for the commute. Actually use your lunch break for its intended purpose - as a break from work - and delve into a good book. Take time to savour dinner at the table when you get home, instead of immediately crashing on the sofa with something lukewarm and microwaved. This is your time - enjoy it!

The next episode of that TV show

We’re not used to waiting anymore. Full series drop in an instant onto Netflix, films are streamable almost as soon as they’re released. But there’s a few television programmes that still get drip-fed to us - whether it’s thrilling Scandi dramas, or The Apprentice-style competitions. You have to wait, so here’s how to wait better.

Our advice is to make an event out of it. Plan a themed menu (pickled herring and remoulade anyone?), banish all phones and tablets to another room, unplug the doorbell - make it something fun to plan for, a little oasis mid-week, and you’ll actually enjoy the anticipation.

Brexit/the end of Brexit

We don’t want to split the room. But whether you voted leave or remain, you probably have… let’s say, feelings about how the whole thing has gone so far. Over three years after the vote, we’re still waiting to see what’s going to happen - whether you want out no matter what, are eager for a People’s Vote, or just want Have I Got News For You to have a fresh topic to riff on.

As far as we see it, you’ve got a few options. Support the campaign that reflects your views, and vote accordingly. Completely avoid the topic by avoiding all forms of media. Or accept the Brexit debate as the newest addition to the strange customs the UK can’t shake - like Guy Fawkes, cream first or jam first, town criers, and where ‘The North’ actually begins…

Your next promotion

Maybe it’s about time you were bumped from Junior Analyst to Senior Analyst. Perhaps you’ve seen a LinkedIn listing and thought “actually, I could do that”. Or maybe it’s time for a complete career change. Whatever it is, you’re on your way to moving up in the world!

While you’re doing the ‘moving up’ part, be careful to not get disheartened. Work smarter, not harder, so you improve your performance without getting burnt out. Set deadlines for your career goals, so you’re not sat around waiting for a change that isn’t going to come. And enjoy the feeling of being the best at your job while you can…

The holiday you just booked

While it’s nice to go and visit family over the festive period, let’s be blunt - it’s not a holiday. Don’t get us wrong, it’s nice for the first few days. But there’s only so many offensive comments or prying questions one person can cope with.

No, what you’re looking forward to is your next proper holiday. One that involves a clean hotel room, potential air travel, and swimwear that demands a hotter climate than Brighton beach.

So how to cope with the wait? Get planning. Read the TripAdvisor reviews of every restaurant in a realistic radius, read some historical fiction set in the area, build your itinerary for hitting every tourist attraction you can… and then actually get there, and scrap everything you planned. Because you can!


It’s the most famous countdown of them all. One day of extreme gluttony, re-runs of grainy seasonal specials, new pyjamas, and alcohol for breakfast. It is, of course, Christmas.

And when it comes to the Christmas countdown, there’s only one option in our eyes: get your hands on the Pact Coffee Advent Calendar. 25 different coffees, all speciality grade and single origin, lovingly packaged up with fun facts and famer information. There’s award-winners, former Limited Editions, and our Head of Coffee’s and Head Roaster’s favourites in there too!

There’s still time to make sure this countdown goes well. So get yours, while you can, here.