1. Weigh your water & your coffee

If cooking is an art, and baking is a science, then we’d say coffee is almost a mix of the two. It’s highly subjective - like whether you like 1 or 2 teaspoons of chilli powder - but you get better results with careful measurement, like when you’re making a cake.

Weighing the amount of water and coffee grounds you use means you can really finetune your brewing method, changing it in small increments until you hit on the perfect ratio for you. It’s the best way to make the best cup of coffee you’ve had yet.

2. Make it a ritual

Coffee brewing doesn’t have to be a means to an ends. Take time out for yourself, just occasionally when you have the chance. Turn off the radio or the TV, brew with careful consideration, enjoy your cup in your own time and see it as a spot of self care. We all need that sometimes.

3. Practice mindful tasting

If coffee is fuel to you, then that’s fine! But there’s a vast landscape of nuance to enjoy, if you just train your tongue to pick out individual flavours.

Make it a moment of peace and quiet - where you take that first sip, roll it around your mouth, and try and think of what flavours it reminds you of. Is it a bit citrussy? Does the sweetness remind you of toffee, or dried fruit?

4. Learn what you love. Already know? Branch out

Once you’ve started picking out certain notes in the coffee you’re drinking, you might recognise that they crop up in similar places - the same origin, the same processing methods. Learn what you love, whether it’s washed Brazilians or natural Kenyans.

Already know? Then try something new. Try and find the magic in something with a lower acidity, or more tea-like flavour profile. There’s literally a whole world out there.