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Baby, it’s cold outside. Your jeans are taking a solid week to dry on the radiator, your ‘big coat’ has come out of storage, pub smoking areas are increasingly barren. It’s the time of year where everyone seems to couple up if they’re single, desperate for a heat source they don’t have to pay for.

But there’s no need to do anything as drastic as all that. If you’ve got the biological capability, then grow a beard instead! And even better, do it for charity!

Save lives. Grow a beard. Sign up to Decembeard today.

Every year, Bowel Cancer UK put out the call for anyone who can to raise money just using their facial hair. Starting on the 1st of December, they ditch the razor and let whatever happens, happen. Sign up here, and they’ll send you a fundraising pack to get you started.

Need some motivation? Here’s our top tips: whether you’re perpetually bare-faced, too proud to part with your chin warmer, or keen to get on board.

If you already have a beard, and don’t mind shaving it off…

Let’s do this right. You’ve had good times with your flavour saver, but it’s gotta go. Might as well give it a good send off though.

Take some photos in flattering lighting for longevity’s sake, book in for an old school wet shave, invest in an array of exfoliants and moisturisers to protect your newly naked face, and enjoy getting reacquainted with your chin - even if temporary.

If you already have a beard, and aren’t willing to part with it…

We get it. You’ve worked hard for this. But Decembeard doesn’t have to involve razors! Why not get wild with the hair dye, try out some fetching plaits, or opt for ‘beard baubles’ - anything to step up your facial fuzz game. As long as it’s just embarrassing enough to warrant a sponsorship…

If you don’t have a beard, but are up for trying to grow one…

You’ve avoided it until now, well aware of the stubborn baby-soft patches that refuse to give you that fully ‘joined up’ look. But it’s time to rock it. Chart your progress with minute detail - measure your chin hairs, put together a time lapse, celebrate small victories (“achieved a moustache!”). Celebrate your journey into hairiness, don’t cower away!

If you don’t have a beard, and physically can’t grow one…

Don’t feel that you have to sit this one out! Either support your beardy pals by helping them with their fundraising efforts, or go for the prosthetic beard - knitted, glitter, bees or faux fur, adorn your face with the cosiest accessory around.

What impact could you have?

The money Decembeard raises goes towards the important work Bowel Cancer UK do is supporting those affected with informational resources, campaigning for early diagnosis and access to care, funding research into the causes and treatment, and educating and training health professionals and the general public.

It’ll mean you’re helping people all across the country, whatever their story. Read some here to realise the true impact you could have.

What are you waiting for?

Join Bowel Cancer UK this December, get growing and raise as much as you can. Sign up today!