Your coffee supply: one thing you don’t need to worry about

Your coffee supply: one thing you don’t need to worry about

Posted on 18-03-2020
By Lydia

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Update on 25th March: Pact Coffee is still operating as usual, with fast and free delivery of coffee. Our team is protected, our coffee supply is stable, and - when it comes to your coffee - you have nothing to worry about. Take care!

There’s a lot on everyone’s mind right now. From being down to your last loo roll and having no footie to watch, to much more serious concerns, it’s one of those times where you need as little to stress about as possible.

Although it’s a small thing, we don’t want you to worry about coffee. After all, it’s just coffee. Not worth battling aggressive shoppers for, or risking your health over.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to you. Maybe your one cup a day is the way you mark a day’s work started, now you’re working from home. Maybe you’re one of our beloved NHS staff - needing that caffeine boost to push through your shift. Or maybe it’s just the one little luxury that keeps you in good spirits.

We know what a good cup of coffee can do, and that’s why we’re here to reassure.

We’re putting safety and service first

Pact puts people first. That’s why we’re doing everything to look after your wellbeing, and the health of our employees. Stringent hygiene measures and rotating shift patterns are in place, to keep our coffee team as protected as possible - and to make sure you never run out of the good stuff.

We’ve also got a Plan B - in the unlikely event that we need to close our roastery for a little while (which we’d only do for the wellbeing of our staff). Our team have secured a back-up roastery site so that, one way or another, fresh Pact Coffee will keep arriving on your doormat.

We’re as flexible as ever - take advantage of it!

At Pact, we’ve always prided ourselves on avoiding all the nasty things associated with the word ‘subscription’. Being locked into payments, set delivery schedules, cupboards overflowing with a product you’re getting too frequently and keep forgetting to cancel.

That’s why our plans are totally flexible. Log onto your account order and you can do all of the following, in a few seconds: change your delivery date, fast-track your order, pause for 7 or 30 days, swap which coffee we send next, change your brewing method, roast or menu, edit your address, update your payment details, and even cancel your whole Pact Plan.

That’s not going to change - so if you need to change your coffee situation, since your home or work situation might have changed, then you can go and do that right away.

Stockpiling and panic buying: why we do it, and why you don’t need to

Bare shelves in supermarkets. It’s a distressing sight - and just think when it hits the booze aisle! We kid, but this is a daily reality that’s freaking a lot of us out. So why is it happening?

It all comes down to our psychology - and there’s a lot of thought around how that can play a part. Toilet roll is a particular go-to stockpile item, it’s thought, because of its large size, prominent placing, and eternal shelf-life. It also leaves a more visible ‘gap’ which, in turn, means people panic buy it more.

Panic buying is also a way to feel in control, in a sea of scary headlines and shifting government recommendations about a situation with no obvious endpoint. It’s a way of feeling ‘prepared’ - however illogical - and is perpetuated by seeing other people do it.

The good news? There’s no need to bulk buy Pact Coffee - and we’d never recommend that anyway, due to how lovely and fresh it is when we send it to you next day. Hopefully that’s one (very small) weight off your mind.

Take care, The Pact Team