In a world of squabbling politicians (no one mention the ‘B’ word!), rising rents and static salaries, not to mention all the usual daily pressures of adult life, it’s easy to lose perspective. And that’s what Earth Day is for.

Earth Day is a chance to pay a little attention to the rock we’re all stranded on. To think about how we’re treating the environment, considering everything from the fuel we use to the conservation work we do – and how we can go further.

How Pact helps…

  • In your home

We know you care about waste. That’s why we brought out 100% recyclable pod packaging. Made from aluminium, they’ve all got an exciting life of becoming a pushbike or a can of beans ahead of them – once you’ve enjoyed your delicious coffee, that is!

(And rest assured, anyone who likes coffee by the bag – we’re looking into alternatives that are kind to the world and still kind to your beans, keeping them as fresh as possible. Watch this space!)

  • In the roastery

Our Loring S70 Peregrine roaster is a thing of beauty, and a big part of why your brews taste so damn delicious. But did you know it’s also pretty green?

Not only does it produce no smoke, it’s also remarkably energy-efficient – recycling hot air during the roast, saving up to 80% of fuel you’d use with a commercial roaster and producing much less greenhouse gas. Clean, and green!

  • On the farm

This one is especially relevant to Earth Day’s 2019 theme – ‘Protect our Species’. We need to look after the world so we can look after the future of humankind. On one side of sustainability, we provide best practice farm training to ensure the local environment is protected (the right time to use pesticides, how to conserve water, etc.).

On the other side, we’re creating a situation where the next generation of farmers wants to stay in the coffee industry – instead of leaving a poorly paid career path for the comfort and security of an office job. And that is essential for the future of coffee.

  • In the environment

Many of the farms we work with dedicate a proportion of their farmland to exist as natural rainforest – promoting diversity of plant life, creating a healthy environment for the local area, and highlighting that it’s right to take care of our earth. And that’s something we think is amazing!