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When you think ‘cupboard essentials’, you might be listing coffee along with things like sugar, flour, vegetable oil… everything ‘basic’ you need to get by. But while these are all things you use almost everyday, you’d probably be unlikely to fork out almost £100 for a pound’s worth of any of them. But other people would.

In the International Cup of Excellence awards in June of this year, a lot of a particular coffee was up for grabs – and grabbed it was, for $124.50 per pound. That coffee was El Laurel from Honduras… and we’ve also managed to get our hands on some of it! We’re offering it to you at just a fifth of the price. And trust us – that’s an absolute steal.

But why the hefty price tag at auction? Not only did the El Laurel break the international record for price per pound paid for Cup of Excellence coffee, it also won first place. That means, out of all coffees submitted to the competition in Honduras, the El Laurel was of the highest quality and best flavour. We think that’s pretty impressive.

Grower Oscar Daniel Ramirez Valerio wasn’t expecting that – but what a win! With coffee farming a family business spanning decades, he’s the proud owner of five acres of coffee cultivation – all because he’s willing to update his practices and coffee varieties with the times. With coffee rust disease devastating crops around the world, he was one of the first Honduran farmers to introduce a new resistant variety – and that’s what become El Laurel!

It’s not often we have a new coffee variety that’s an international Cup of Excellence first place winner worth £100 per pound on the menu… if you were lucky enough to get your own bag (at a cutthroat price!) then take a moment to recognise what a special coffee this is. But the notes of grapefruit, fresh lime acidity, ripe fruit sweetness and silky mouthfeel, will really speak for themselves…