In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house; and in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room; and in the dark, dark room there was a dark, dark cupboard; and in the dark, dark cupboard there was a dark, dark shelf; and on the dark, dark shelf there was a dark, dark box; and in the dark, dark box there was a…

batch of homemade pumpkin spice syrup!

At least… there will be, after you’re read this, and got busy in the kitchen! After all - what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a warm mug of pumpkin spice latte?

Don’t trick yourself…

Yeah, you might think Starbucks have it covered. But do you really want to spend around £4 for one cup of the stuff? Consider the 50g of sugar you’d be downing, and the fact that the coffee underneath is not all that great - over-roasted, and not speciality as we recognise it.

Treat yourself!

So… why not treat yourself instead? Using your fresh, fantastically tasty Pact Coffee as a base, make a pumpkin spice syrup that’s a little more ‘feel good’ inside and out, and follow our guide for how to make the best seasonal latte you’ve had yet.

Pumpkin spice syrup recipe

(from our Customer Champion, Mel - thanks Mel!)

  1. Scoop out the guts of a pumpkin - if you’re carving one anyway, it’s the perfect opportunity for a no-waste recipe
  2. Put the guts and seeds in a saucepan with a cinnamon stick, and cover with water - approximately the same weight of water to pumpkin guts
  3. Bring to the boil, boil intensely for 3 minutes, then turn down the heat
  4. Repeat twice with a 5-minute break in-between
  5. Add sugar (a 1:2 ratio of sugar to water) and bring to the boil one final time, stirring all the while, then turn off the heat and allow to cool
  6. Once lukewarm, pour it all through a sieve directly into a heatproof jug (save the seeds for toasting!)
  7. Add a splash of single cream (non-dairy preferably, as it’ll keep for longer), mixed spices and vanilla essence to taste, and mix until the syrup is opaque
  8. Pour into a bottle to store, and voila! Keep it in the fridge, and use within 4 days

Pumpkin spice latte recipe

  1. Follow our ‘How to make espresso’ guide
  2. Steam milk, and add it to your espresso shot
  3. Add a tablespoon of pumpkin spice syrup, and stir!

(You can also add your syrup to a stovetop-made coffee, that’s two thirds hot milk)

Tell us how you get on!

If you try your hand at your own homemade pumpkin spice latte let us know! Whether your attempt is truly terrifying or ghoulishly great, let us know on Instagram or Twitter at @pactcoffee.

Happy Halloween!