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Commuting and the school run are (temporarily) things of the past. It’s calming right, not having to organise coats and shoes, or hurriedly shower to get out the door in time? Well… not really. For a lot of us, things aren’t so peaceful.

You might be entertaining a gaggle of kids in the world’s most haphazard one-woman/man show, or dealing with busier email chains and higher workloads than ever - or maybe you’re one of our selfless key workers, from NHS staff to supermarket assistants… whatever life looks like for you, a rest is more needed than ever.

Mindfulness and mindlessness: take your pick (or just take a coffee break)

Some people laud the practice of ‘mindfulness’ - it’s about noticing, essentially. Noticing how you’re feeling, what’s going on around you, your mental and bodily experience. Being present, so you can be aware of any unhelpful thought patterns that set you back.

Not everyone is a fan. ‘Mindlessness’ is the counter-option. It’s assuming your body soooort of has breathing sorted automatically, instead of focusing in deep in-and-outs ‘manually’. It’s letting your mind drift and wander, instead of noting every sound and sensation. It’s making impulsive, gut decisions - not weighing up the pros and cons.

Whatever your philosophy for taking care of yourself, why not start with a cup of coffee. Whether you sit there and zone out while you drink it, or slowly savour the brewing process and try and pick out individual flavours, it’s about making that moment about yourself. We’ve put together a Limited Edition that could help.

Remera Washed & Shade-Dried - our latest Limited Edition

Remera Washed & Shade-Dried Coffee

Buy Remera Washed & Shade-Dried (£11.95)

Our latest Limited Edition was chosen to give you taste notes that scream “chill out” (just in a more relaxing way…). We’re talking syrupy blackcurrant flavours, elegantly matched by fragrant notes of Earl Grey tea. Yup, it’s one of those coffees that make you go “ahhh” with every sip - again, relaxing for you but not so much for anyone else in the room.

Those blackcurrant notes are characteristic of its Rwandan roots (quite literally, if you think of the tree!), but the overall delicacy and complexity of flavour is thanks to how this coffee was processed. From the Remera Washing Station - one of Epiphanie’s own - this collection of smallholder lots were treated with particular care and attention.

Multilayer shade-drying structures were constructed, allowing Epiphanie and her team to use traditional, often-overlooked practices in drying out the cherries. This slows down the drying time dramatically, and the resulting slower fermentation results in elegant tea-like taste notes. After that, the cherries have gone through the washed process resulting in a fresh, bright acidity.

The result is a coffee that demands you stop and enjoy it properly. But we’ve put together a free gift to help you take that even further…

‘Colour with Coffee’, The Pact Coffee Colouring Book

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but this Limited Edition add-on is pretty genius. The Pact Coffee Colouring Book is multifunctional, you see. Into all the mindfulness stuff, well-versed in the idea of adult colouring books, or just keen to give it a try? Then boom - you’ve got the perfect ‘coffee break’ activity, with sumptuous flavour notes to colour in and enjoy.

Coffee colouring book, mug, and coffee card

And if you’re not into that but desperate from some peace and quiet from the kids, it’s the ideal diversion! Set them up with the colouring book, while you brew and enjoy a coffee, and hopefully you’ll get the moment of tranquility you’ve been longing for.

Either way, enjoy!

Pact Coffee’s Guide to the Ultimate Coffee Break

Coffee cherries drying

  1. Pop the kettle on, so you’re ready to start brewing
  2. Open up the above video of coffee cherries drying in Rwanda
  3. Get your colouring book and pencils/pens/felt tips assembled - for you, the kids, or any art-lovers you live with
  4. Brew yourself a cup (or two) of Remera Washed & Shade-Dried
  5. Sit down, start sipping, and relax. Pop the video on to enjoy the sights and sounds of coffee cherries being dried and sorted in Rwanda, try your hand at colouring inside or outside of the lines, or do whatever you like… most importantly, take a moment for you