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Wondering how to prepare an amazing coffee cocktail that is going to make your summer even cooler? Will has the perfect recipe for you: “Rum and Chill” has a sweet taste of rum and a rich flavour of ripe cherries and date.

Here’s the (very easy) recipe for you to follow; we’re sure you’re going to absolutely love it!

To pre-prepare your cold brew for your cocktail: Just fill the Mizudashi filter with 50g of cafetiere-grind coffee, fill the jug with 600ml of water, pop it in the fridge for 24 hours and voila! Deliciously chilled, cold brew coffee.

For this cocktail, any coffee with flavour notes of dried and fresh fruits works best. Usually you would add ice to dilute your cold brew but for the purpose of this recipe we’ll be using full brew strength cold brew. To around 200ml of cold brew add a single shot of dark rum and stir, if you’d normally add milk to your coffee you can add a dash of single cream or Irish cream at this point. I like it served in a Martini glass but a white wine glass should work as well.