Coffee date tips: why it’s your best bet for romance

Coffee date tips: why it’s your best bet for romance

Coffee date tips: why it’s your best bet for romance

Posted on 10-02-2020
By Lydia

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Whether you’re of the ‘swiping right’ generation, a Plenty of Fish fan, or used to meeting people the good-old-fashioned way (while tipsily queuing for the bar, duh), first dates are a minefield.

Go to the cinema, and the only thing you’ll find out about them is whether they like sweet or salty popcorn. Go out for dinner, and it more-often-than-not ends up being a very expensive way to find out you have literally nothing in common. Mini-golf takes too long. So what’s left?

Is coffee a good first date? Yes!

Coffee dates are hands down the safest option. Think about it: you’ve got a neutral, comfortable location. It’s low cost, low risk. It only has to last as long as it takes to drink your latte - and if you’re willing to scald your throat to escape, at least you know how you really feel.

Also, you can show your generosity in an approachable, not-threatening way. Because seriously: buying someone coffee is a nice gesture. Paying for a £90 per head tasting menu and accompanying wine flight is just a lot of pressure…

How caffeine affects your mood is perfect

Although a pint of something strong might seem like your best bet, it’s really not. Besides stranger danger and all that, it’s probably better to work out whether you actually like them at this stage. And not through rosé-tinted glasses.

Caffeine has been found to boost alertness, you’ve got less chance of unintentionally yawning, and studies suggest that coffee can improve your memory. So you’ll remember not to bring up your ex again if you manage to bag a second date (because that didn’t really go down well the first time…).

“Come in for a coffee” - it’s a cliché for a reason

Having a coffee is already an innuendo. It’s got racy connotations built-in, so it’s sure to suggest something more than friendship. There was even a whole ad campaign about its association with… romance (and with lesser coffee to boot), so think of your success rate if you propose a second cup of joe in the comfort of your flat…

Caffeine may have a… helpful impact on after-dinner activities

Read no further if you’re of a sensitive disposition… we’ve seen studies that suggest coffee can ‘perk you up’ in other ways. Ways that could really mean your date is a big success. For these upsides, you’ll need to drink around two-to-three cups. So you’ll probably want to grab a few cups before your rendezvous really kicks off. Just saying…

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If you’re already at the gifting stay of your romantic liaison, we’ve got a great alternative option for you: a bag of the sumptuous Don George Natural and a V60 Drip Decanter. It’s a present that just scream ‘I want to have lots more cups of coffee for you’… and it’s only £30. Happy Valentine’s Day to you…