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About Arsosala

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

This coffee really reminds me of the characteristics of the white peach blossom tea which we sold in the Pact Coffee store last year. It has delicate tea and citrus flavour notes and an elegant, tropical fruit acidity all bound together by a silky mouthfeel.

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There is always a certain magic in the air when it comes to cupping Ethiopian coffees. When Head of Coffee Will was cupping the multiple tables of samples this year, this coffee from Arsosala didn't just jump out - it leapt out and practically glided ahead of the coffees around it. It was simply of a different standard to the rest of them, in the very best way.

A whopping cupping score of 88 may lead you to think there should be prominent individual characteristics which make this coffee taste so great. That’s not the case though. In fact, it is the understated elegance and complexity which delivers this score. Delicate and light, it reminds Will of his favourite white tea, which comes with a delicate hint of peach blossom.

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FLAVOURWhite peach blossom tea
PRODUCERArsosala Cooperative
TASTING NOTEWhite peach blossom tea
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