Ok. Don’t panic. It’s worryingly close to Christmas, and you’ve just found out that you actually haven’t covered your bases present-wise. Disaster. And you tried so hard - started your planning spreadsheet in October, picked up bits throughout the year, had everything all wrapped and ribboned by the second week of advent. Blast.

Maybe your sister decided to bring her new boyfriend to dinner at the last minute. Or you took pity on your lonely next door neighbour and invited them along, after getting caught on the doorstep - arms full of Quality Street tins.

Whatever the reason for an extra guest this season, there’s no need to fuss. Don’t go digging around in your junk drawer for something vaguely ‘giftable’. Shiny paper can only do so much…

Buy them a Pact Coffee Gift Voucher instead!

Think about it. Everyone loves coffee (or everyone worth knowing…). And giving a gift voucher means they can pick what coffee they want AND how often it gets delivered to them. Flawless, right?!

We’ve got options for most budgets - choose from £25, £50 or £100 - and the voucher will be emailed to you straight away, to be printed off or forwarded on to your lucky giftee. So it won’t even be obvious that it’s a last-minute option…

Make Christmas easy, and go for a Pact Coffee Gift Voucher.