The Best Coffee
You’ve Ever Made

Fresher, better-tasting coffee, delivered to you as you need it. That's what we do and we think you're going to like it. Maybe even - as we get to know each other - love it.

Tasting good. Doing good.

Though we’re not Fairtrade certified we pride ourselves on paying above the Fairtrade rate for every single one of our coffees. The fact that our farmers choose to take care of their employees and land responsibly is something that makes us glad to work with them. We'd love to claim we pay what we do because we're big-hearted altruists but it's actually because that's what the coffee is worth. We think the farmers we work with are real artists.

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We roast with love.

All Pact Coffee is roasted in small batches at Pact HQ in Bermondsey by our in-house roaster, Aissa. Aissa's love of coffee means she's a stickler for doing things properly and since every coffee is different, she makes sure each gets a custom roast that brings out its best qualities.

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Delivered to your doormat, fresh and lovely.

Fresh from roasting

Our coffee is sent within a week of being roasted, which makes all the difference. We - and our customers - think it’s a difference you can taste.

Ground with care

If you like, we'll grind your beans to perfectly suit your brewing method, moments before shipping. Or you can do that at your end (grinding is kind of fun).

Delivered next day

Order before 1pm on a weekday and it will be with you the next day. Because running out of coffee is a very, very bad thing.

Coffee you love, when you want it.

Your Pact Account page lets you call the shots. Yup. You can postpone orders, change your delivery timetable and request extra bags (to avoid running out and feeling sad) at the touch of a button. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your coffee, we’ll give you a refund. No quibbles.

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