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Mixed Box

About Mixed Box

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“The coffee in this mix pack includes the full range of roast profiles and a wide range of taste and flavour profiles, Darker roasts in this pack highlight the naturally occurring flavours of Dark chocolate, almonds and cherry as well as creamy mouthfeel in the coffee used, with lighter roasts developing flavours of orchard and tropical fruits with more lively acidity in the coffee used for them.”

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A very special box

This Mixed Box of Nespresso®-compatible pods includes four different coffees, each of which boasts its own distinctive roast profile to bring out its unique flavours. Think of it as a selection box of coffee goodness that's been roasted, ground and filled in the UK, ready to be delivered to you in a letterbox-friendly pack. It contains 40 pods, 10 of each coffee, colour coded and ready to brew. We focus on the quality of the coffee inside, so regardless of which of the four coffees you choose, you'll get an incredible cup at the touch of a button.

Black pods - Sertao Dark Roast more info here

Red pods - Sertao Natural more info here

Green pods - Planalto more info here

Blue pods - Chapada Sucupira more info here

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Brew method
£17.50(free P&P)


ACIDITYBright and zesty to mild and smooth
ALTITUDE1100m to 1700m
FLAVOURFruity to dark chocolate
MOUTHFEELJuicy to creamy
PROCESSNatural and Washed
ROAST PROFILEDark to light
SWEETNESSFructose, syrupy, creamy
TASTING NOTEFruity to dark chocolate
VARIETALYellow Bourbon, Pacas, Catuai and Typica
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