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Serve them something special

Whether you run a cafe, restaurant or office, coffee from Pact is bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

Pact wholesale is here

For the last three years we've been helping thousands of coffee-lovers enjoy some of the greatest coffees in the world.

Now we are looking to connect with companies who care about the environment and culture of the workspace, to rid offices of bad coffee, and better understand how to provide value for businesses and employees alike.

We trade directly with talented coffee farmers and have pledged to pay them at least 25% more than the Fairtrade rate. Their coffee is just that good. We then roast it five days a week at Pact HQ before sending it out in bean and ground form and also in Nespresso®-compatible pods.

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Our Wholesale Team, George and Patrick, love talking all things coffee… For a specific coffee, or information on equipment and support, please call Patrick on 0777 627 0406, or enquire below.

If you're like us and can't wait to brew some great coffee, you can purchase 3kg for £60 to get you started. We can pick a coffee to match your favourite brew method and grind it for you – or if wholebean is your thing we will send you what's popular on the day.

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