We thought it’d be safer to clarify – we’re not talking about gulping downs cups of unroasted beans (even though dubious ‘studies’ have claimed they promote weight loss, we think it’s a tastier experience to enjoy them properly roasted!).

No – we just want you to maximise that feel-good sensation you get from drinking our coffee. Yeah, you’re helping to make coffee a force for good and improving the livelihoods of people in an often corrupt industry… but how can you look after the world , while you enjoy a brew?

1. Get a reusable cup

Forget about those biodegradable one-use coffee cups. Cornstarch cups create their own problems, from reliance on pesticides to soil erosion… and all to feel a little bit better about throwing tons of the things away. The canvas shopper to your plastic bag, getting a reusable cup means you’re creating less waste and (if you get one of those bad boys) looking pretty sharp too. But unlike canvas bags, you’re less likely to shove tons of them in the bottom of your kitchen drawer and forget to bring them with you…

2. Recycle your grounds (and your filter papers!)

If you’re green-fingered and green-inclined, your coffee grounds are the perfect plantlife friend. Chuck them (along with your used filters!) into your compost, or use them as a fertiliser for anything you grow that goes mad for acid. Not got so much as a window box? No worries! You can use your grounds for anything from soaking up smells in the fridge, to exfoliating your skin. Think outside the box!

3. Get crafty with your used pods

While our pods aren’t fully recyclable at the minute (though watch this space, that’s changing soon!), they are perfect for Christmassy crafts! In festive shiny red and green colours, you just need to wash them out and string them up to create tree decorations that say “I’m caffeinated, Christmas-ready and I care about the environment”. It’s probably the only way you can enjoy coffee with the kids, guilt-free…