Bourbon Cream Espresso: pre-dunked, for your pleasure

Bourbon Cream Espresso: pre-dunked, for your pleasure

Bourbon Cream Espresso: pre-dunked, for your pleasure

Posted on 13-02-2020
By Lydia

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We’re passionate about single origin coffees, true. But there’s an art to creating the perfect blend that we can’t help but get excited about (coffee nerds? Us?!).

Finding flavour notes that match and meld harmoniously, masterfully tailoring a roast to draw out specific elements of two individual taste profiles. Underplaying the acidity, rounding the mouthfeel, drawing out and mixing together the unique aspects of different batches of beans. It’s poetry.

And on that note (through watering mouths), we’d like to introduce our newest espresso blend.

Bourbon Cream Espresso: designed to please

Roasted dark, with a creamy acidity, each sip rewards you with a full mouthfeel, and a hit of refined sugar sweetness. Blended from Brazilian Zaroca and the Peruvian El Diamante coffee, it’s been carefully developed to produce a taste note of bourbon cream biscuits. And it’s available NOW!

The classic milk chocolate notes of natural Brazilian coffee shines through, supported by the intense chocolatey flavour of the Peruvian - with its acidity muted through the roast to create a biscuity aftertaste, that perfectly brings to mind the famous biscuit. But why did we aim for the bourbon cream?

Peek Freans and The Biscuit Factory

Here’s a ‘did you know’ for ya: did you know the home of Pact Coffee was also the birthplace of the nation’s favourite snacks, like the Garibaldi, chocolate-covered digestive and (of course) the bourbon cream?

The Biscuit Factory, based in Bermondsey, is the former site of Peek Freans - the masterminds behind most dunkable treats the UK knows and loves.

Created in 1901 and dubbed the “Creola” originally, the bourbon cream has remained a firm fave. And since we share an origin, what better inspiration for a delicious espresso blend than the chocolate-cream-filled biscuit itself.

Why did we create a new espresso blend?

While fruity, floral African coffees are pretty big in the speciality coffee world, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Or coffee, even.

We wanted to offer up an espresso that packs a punch, and gives our lovely customers the chocolatey hit that some of them love so much. A darker roast than we often offer, but offering a depth of flavour and chocolatey hit we can’t get enough of. You can try it now: buy Bourbon Cream.