Bring Your Brew Outside

Bring Your Brew Outside

Bring Your Brew Outside

Posted on 27-04-2022
By Ali

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This week, Customer Champion, lover of the great outdoors and coffee enthusiast Ali brings you a guide to al-fresco coffee just in time for the warmer months.

Spring has finally sprung and with the great outdoors inevitably calling your name, there’s no reason why you can’t whip up a delicious brew while enjoying the fresh air.

While I’m willing to forgo some comforts when spending time in nature, a good cup of coffee is not one of them. These are my favourite methods for optimal outdoor brewing, whether you’re relaxing by the seaside, hiking in the hills, or just taking a breather in the local park. 

Grab some fresh Aer

The Aeropress Go is designed specifically for making the tastiest brew while on the move. It comes with all the usual Aeropress gadgets and a very clever travel mug which even doubles as a carrying case, making it the perfect travel companion. Your Aeropress filters even have their own case to ensure they stay pristine while en route. 

In a rush?

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Hario V60 here at Pact, so of course we think the Hario V60 brewing kit is an underrated way to brew up a cuppa in the wild. The lightweight, BPA-free plastic gadget and the more premium, filter-free Double Mesh Metal Dripper are both sturdy and durable, making them convenient to toss in your bag before you quickly get going.

Filter in the foliage

If you’re a fan of immersion and drip brewing and prefer an option with minimal tidy-up post brew, the Clever Dripper is the ideal method for you. The lid not only maintains the temperature of your brew, but allows for a quick and low-maintenance clean-up - just keep the filter and grounds in the dripper until you return to civilisation.

Grind on the go

When it comes to coffee grounds, the fresher the better. And you can grind beans while travelling with the Travel Rhino Grinder. It’s the perfect companion for the Aeropress Go as it comes equipped with an all-in-one grinding chamber for collecting the grounds, minimising the amount of kit you need to carry. No mess, no stress.

Both the Travel Rhino and the Hario Mini Mill + Grinder come with a detachable handle, which is convenient for a super-packed bag with little room for clunky gear.

Of course, you can always opt for pre-ground Pact Coffee and let us do the work for you - it’ll still be the freshest it can possibly be, since we always ship within seven days of roasting.

Have a great summer!