Drinking clean - optimising your coffee consumption for a healthier life

Drinking clean - optimising your coffee consumption for a healthier life

Posted on 06-01-2022
By Rachel

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Taking care of our bodies is super important and a big part of that is being really mindful about what we put into them. But this doesn’t have to mean giving up the things you enjoy! So, if you’re readying yourself for a full-on health kick, or simply looking to make some better choices for your well being - read on for the best ways to enjoy drinking your coffee clean.

How many cups per day is okay?

As a general rule, 2-5 cups per day is optimum, but this does vary from person to person. We spoke to nutritionist Ellie Busby, who explains exactly why that is, “It really depends on your genes. Some people are slow metabolisers of coffee. You can find out if you’ve had a genetic test by looking at your CYP1A2 genotype. Your ADORA2A genotype can also tell you how sensitive you are to the caffeine, which could increase insomnia and anxiety risk. You can experiment on yourself without knowing your genes too - some people can have a coffee right before bed and sleep like a baby, others will be awake all night!”. 

You know better than anyone what the right amount for you is, but try to have a cut off time of 3pm. If the coffee cravings are too real, switch to decaf for all the flavour, without the buzz.

Ditch the milk

One of the quickest and easiest ways to cut the calorie count of your coffee is to say farewell to the milky brews. Those frappuccinos and venti mochas pack a high caloric punch, so if you still want to enjoy your Cup O’Joe whilst curbing the impact to your daily intake, a great way to start is by drinking your coffee black. It’ll mean a lot less fat, whilst allowing you to enjoy all the complex flavour of coffee at its full intensity. 

Split up with sugar

For some, a sugar or two in your coffee makes life just that little bit sweeter. Sugar in moderation is a-okay, but if you feel like you’re overdoing it, perhaps try slowly reducing how much you use half a teaspoon at a time. Coffee has a natural sweetness to it, so after a while you may feel happy to go without sugar entirely!

Avoid flavoured coffees

Great coffee doesn’t need any extra flavour. You’ll notice we describe our coffee tastes ranging from rocky road to fruity wine gums, but these are naturally occurring flavours in the coffee that are developed through the processing and roasting. We never add any flavourings, sweeteners, additives or pesky surprises. Some coffee companies will throw in a whole load of mystery ingredients to their coffees and syrups, which are totally unnecessary for good tasting coffee and not healthy for you either.

It’s all about balance

As the saying goes, you are what you eat, and making your brew cleaner is a great way to enjoy the benefits of coffee without any additional nasties . Plus, Dr Deborah Lee from the Dr Fox online Pharmacy tells us that according to recent studies, “Drinking coffee is more likely to be associated with health benefits and not harm, with the largest benefits seen in those who drank 3 cups per day. These benefits include a lower risk of cancer, reduced incidence of type 2 diabetes and a reduced risk of cognitive decline, Parkinsons disease and Alzheimers disease.”

And remember, treating yourself occasionally to a giant full fat mocha because it makes you happy is totally fine – we reckon you deserve it!  

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We hope this has helped you find ways to incorporate coffee into a healthy lifestyle. For more info on Decaf coffee and how ours is different, check out this blog. Or for help choosing the right coffee for you, take a look here.