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*This blog features historical content. Gran Fondo is no longer available on the Pact Coffee menu and ran from Summer 2020 - Summer 2021. For a full list of our available coffees, take a look at our current Coffee Menu.*

With the cycling season well underway, it’s time to welcome sell-out favourite, Gran Fondo back to the Pact Coffee menu!

This game-changing brew celebrates the special relationship between coffee and cycling and is the result of months of hard work between the Pact team and Olympic gold cyclist, Geraint Thomas, to create the ultimate rocket fuel refreshment.

How Gran Fondo tastes

Gran Fondo is a Rwandan and Colombian blend with rich, dark chocolate notes. It’s packed full of citrussy, berry flavours and has bright acidities to match. Gran Fondo tastes delicious served as a classic Italian 5oz cappuccino, filter coffee or espresso.

The Gran Fondo blend is available in both filter and espresso varieties to suit a range of coffee drinking preferences.

The beautiful link between cycling and coffee

Coffee is synonymous with cycling culture. This is true for Welsh legend and cycling champ, Geraint Thomas who got into coffee properly when he moved to Italy. Speaking about his love for a cup of Joe, G said “It’s part of my daily routine and a constant feature- I’ve even got a Rocket Machine for better coffee at home. I love dark roasts and traditional Italian-style strong tastes. When I’m racing, I’ll have 3 or 4 to get going. Whether I’m breaking for a Piadini in the Italian hills or scanning the race book while chugging an espresso, I’ve got a lot of time for coffee done well.”

In countries such as Rwanda and Colombia where we source Gran Fondo beans from, bicycles are a vital lifeline. Cycling as a sport is alive and kicking, but bicycles are also one of the main modes of transport for people who work and live in these respective countries. From Remera Washing Station in Rwanda to Buenos Aires Farm in Colombia, we’ve built a strong relationship with these exceptional coffee growers and hope that some of the money invested into these local economies will be used to keep the wheels turning on cycle culture.

A Q&A with Geraint Thomas

We caught up with Geraint ahead of the 2021 Tour de France and Olympics to discuss all things coffee and cycling.

Hi Geraint, Congrats on the Ineos 1-2-3 at the Volta a Catalunya in March. How did it feel to win?

It was great for the team, it’s been around 30 years since my team has had a 123 so was wicked to be a part of. It was also nice to be back on the podium. It was a great confidence boost, too!

You’ve got a packed calendar for this year - which events are you most looking forward to?

Without question, the Tour and Olympics are the biggest line-ups on my calendar - can’t wait!

This is likely to be the year of the staycation. Have you got any UK cycling destinations you can recommend?

 The UK is fantastic for riding in general. Yorkshire covers some great roads and my home country of Wales has some really stunning scenery and quiet winding roads, especially along the coast line.

Which pro cyclists are your biggest inspiration at the moment? 

Lizzie Diegnan, she’s amazingly talented and also really humble with it. The way she has made her way back to the top of the sport after after a baby is incredible as well.

Have you got any advice for young cyclists looking to hit the professional circuit?

Make some goals that excite you, make a plan and commit to it. Do everything you can to achieve that goal, then whether you make it or not, you can be satisfied you gave it your best.

You’re moving to a desert island and can only pack one song, one food item and one coffee variety… What’s going in the suitcase? 

Oasis Wonderwall, Welsh cakes, and Gran Fondo coffee- of course!          

This or That

Espresso or cappuccino?


Long and scenic or steep hill climb? 

Long and scenic.

Sprints or climbs? 


 Favourite ever jersey?

British national champs.

Favourite cycling destination?

Tuscany, Italy.

Fancy trying our coffee?

Although Gran Fondo is no longer available, why not try Pact Coffee bestsellers, House Espresso or Bourbon Cream Espresso?