Doesn’t this time of year just make you want to snuggle up with a steaming cup and a good book? No? Yeah, us neither. But even though the heat is on and you’ve almost forgotten that this is Britain, not Costa del Sol, it doesn’t mean you should say adiós to world-class coffee. Clear some space in the fridge, grab one of our cold brew kits and step into summer the best way possible - not suffering from caffeine withdrawal!

We reckon that the idea of a ice cold glass of coffee is tempting enough, but we wanted to get you off to a good start when it comes to joining the cold brew crew. So we’ve searched around for a few fantastically refreshing ideas for how to make the most of it, be it drinking, drinking or… eating!

Add-ons, swap-ins and tantalising twists

There’s a whole lot of ways to make this good thing even better. No need to take this advice with a pinch of salt, but that’s exactly what we’re going to suggest. Once you’ve diluted your cold brew in a glass, sprinkle a smidgen in and you should find that it really opens up the flavour. Honest! Fancy a fresher start to the day? Why not try adding a few sprigs of mint to the filter?

If you’re worried about being too chilled out, we’ve seen a recipe using cinnamon and cayenne pepper that’ll be sure to get you all fired up. We know that our coffees already pack a powerful punch when it comes to flavour, but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting - right?

Day-drinking – all day, every day

That’s all well and good, you say, but why shouldn’t I just reach out for a cold can of summery cider instead? Hot weather means you’ll be spending every spare moment sunbathing in the park. But while parklife demands something chilled and boozy, it’s clear to us that coffee can easily go hand-in-hand with the stronger stuff. Assemble your cocktail shakers, enlist your reusable cup for a naughtier purpose and don’t forget the sunnies!

First things first, there’s one clear champion when it comes to bringing coffee and spirits together - the espresso martini. Four parts cold brew, two parts vodka and one part coffee liqueur. Add ice, shake it up, serve. We could stop there, but we also want to shout out about these cold brew bourbon cocktail and coconut Kahlua latte recipes we’ve found. Now that’s how you do it…

If coffee be the food of love…

Who said cold brew had to be restricted to liquid form? To ice it up even more, why not add cream and sugar to your cold brew and freeze it in ice lolly moulds? Licking a latte lollipop as you laze in a lounger… sounds seriously summery to us. You could even keep it simple and pop some cold brew in an ice cube tray, to make sure whatever you drink has an extra hit of caffeine.

Or if you fancy something more indulgent and less likely to be accidentally snaffled by the kids, go for a cold brew affogato. You won’t get the swirly mix of melted ice cream and hot espresso that the traditional version offers (soon to be featured on our Instagram), but it’s a cooler (and less time-sensitive!) option. A couple of scoops of vanilla and some delicious cold brewed Pact coffee - it’s a perfect match.

Keep cool and carry on

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to beat the heat and get our buzz on at the same time. Like the idea of joining us? You can get your very own cold brew kit here - let us know what ice cool coffee experiments you get up to!