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Everything’s changed this year. Plans have been put on hold, weddings postponed, holidays cancelled - we’re all feeling the side effects of this strange, scary situation.

Take Pact Coffee, for example. We were due to be in Rwanda right now - travelling to washing stations and tiny farms to try lots of different coffees, to choose some to put on our menu for you lot. Obviously that wasn’t happening. It’s a shame, but it got us thinking… and thinking led, to this:

Pact Coffee are running, walking, cycling (and rowing, rollerblading, and skateboarding!) to Rwanda instead!

That is, we’re challenging ourselves to cover 6609km as a team in the following weeks ( in whatever self-propelled method we choose) in order to raise money for a very, very worthy cause - Refuge.

Pact Coffee HQ to Remera Washing Station, Rwanda

Refuge: providing a safe escape from domestic violence

All of our sweat, blood, tears, blisters, and chafing(!) will be well worth it with your support. We’re raising money for Refuge to support the incredible work they do supporting people dealing with domestic violence. Here’s their vision:

“Refuge is committed to a world where domestic violence and violence against women and girls is not tolerated and where women and children can live in safety.

We aim to empower women and children to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear. We provide a range of life-saving and life-changing services, and a voice for the voiceless.”

This is more important than ever. Since lockdown began, they’re reporting a 50% rise in contacts to their helpline. Every donation you make, large or small, will go towards their work (you can read more about what they do here),

From our Bermondsey HQ to Remera Washing Station

Epiphanie Mukashyaka and Will, Head of Coffee

6609km is about the distance, door to door, from our London office to the Remera Washing Station - a Rwandan hub of quality coffee, owned by Pact favourite Epiphanie. Epiphanie Mukashyaka started her coffee cooperative Bufcoffee from nothing, after surviving the Rwandan genocide, to provide for her children. Now she’s a leader in speciality coffee - with her cooperative buying coffee from over 4000 smallholders locally.

She was the first women in Africa to own a coffee washing station, and now has several - including Remera Washing Station! It gives safety and security to many, many small-scale coffee farmers in the region… so we’re particularly proud to have bought coffee from her, year after year!

Show your support for Pact Coffee and Refuge

We’ll keep you informed with weekly updates on our progress to Rwanda - and any highlights or lowlights along the way - but, for now, we’ve just got one thing to say: please dig deep, and help support Refuge during this incredibly difficult time.