Present shopping is hard work, and it’s tricky to strike the right balance sometimes. So we’ve put together our suggestions for every gifting situation you might come across - you’re welcome!

To bring to a dinner party

Buy 250g Christmas Blend, Christmas Blend Espresso, Christmas Blend Decaf, or Christmas Blend Pods

It’s a not a ‘proper present’ situation, but you don’t really want to add to the host’s inevitably large collection of bottles of wine (ones that they’d never pick for themselves). Chocolate is in high supply too - because, hello, it’s Christmas - so you want to bring something to the table that no one else will.

With spiced fruit notes and a brandy kick, the jammy sweetness of our Christmas Blend is the perfect thing to give as a guest. And if you (and your head) are lucky, they’ll end the night with a restorative cafetiere of the stuff before you all go home.

When they need to switch from instant, but don’t have a clue what they’re doing

Buy ‘The Coffee Newbie Gift Set’ - £24.95

You cannot bear to see them tear open one more sachet of instant coffee that they’ve knicked from the last time they stayed in a Premier Inn. You’ve just had enough. So it’s time to take on a mentor role in their life, and show them what coffee really is.

Trouble is, anything more than ‘just add water’ has them flustered. So the V60 is the perfect option - a handy scoop so there’s no measuring required, and it brews right into the cup. It’s as close to ‘just add water’ as it gets with proper coffee.

Not to mention, the complex Christmas pudding notes in the coffee itself are going to blow their mind. Just don’t expect them to share…

For ‘that couple’

Buy ‘The Couples’ Coffee Gift Set’ - £49.95

Let’s be honest. You’re only get a joint present from any couple you know, not one from each of them. And that’s ok! It really is. It means you can do exactly the same thing back…

This is your best bet. A yellow cafetiere that’s gonna suit their whole ‘kitsch kitchen’ look really well, two Pact-branded mugs that are perfect for cosy mornings in, and two bags of Christmas Blend - so they’ve got everything they need to hibernate away.

If they think they’re a coffee expert

Buy ‘The Coffee Connoisseur Gift Set’ - £39.95

You’d think it’d be nice to have friends that share your interests, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s not always the case. Competitive nerdiness about a topic can get pretty boring - who knows the most about the optimal altitudes for growing one specific coffee variety, or the exact temperature and brew needed to extract a particular grind size properly.

But it’s Christmas. And at Christmas you’re nice even to your most annoying friends. So gift them some festively flavoured coffee, and a Clever Dripper - our recommendation for the really fine-tuning your method for the ultimate brew. And if it makes you feel better, you can even (not at all patronisingly) explain that to them as you hand it over…

To help tackle their expensive takeaway coffee habit

Buy ‘The On-The-Go Coffee Gift Set’ - £39.95

Their finances are none of your business. You know that. But your mental maths has been kicked into overdrive, totting up the multiple overpriced and under-flavoured coffees they pick up in just one day. They deserve better!

Make it so they have no excuse. A SoL cup means they can brew before they leave the house, and travel cup in hand - just how they like it. And the Aeropress is compact enough to carry around on the go, so they can make their perfect brew in the office instead of nipping out to Costa. And again, those bags of Christmas Blend will make very reluctant to go back to the bad beans of the high street.

For their ‘main present’

Buy ‘The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set’ - £149.95

Ah, the ‘main present’. The star of the show - flanked by a stocking full of tat, a few books, and assorted knick knacks. It used to be so easy to pick this out. Bikes, furbies, child-sized plastic replicas of Post Offices. But for grown-ups, your options are limited to techy nonsense really. Until now!

Make their Christmas with a Wilfa Classic+ coffee machine - an aesthetically pleasing bit of kit that’ll have them batch-brewing filter coffee like a champ. More coffee for them, and for you when you next pop round! They’ll get two bags of Christmas Blend too, to get them off to the best possible start.

If you’re just sending a Christmas card

Buy a Pact Coffee Gift Voucher - £25, £50 or £100

If some of these gifts are a bit bulky to haul down to the in-laws, or your wrapping game is just really not en pointe, then you’ve still got options!

This is a present you can print off and stick in a card, or even just email on! Beautifully low effort, while still looking as thoughtful as possible - love it. It’s the Pact Coffee gift voucher! Redeemable on any coffee plan - from pods to bags - your recipient can carefully tailor it so they get exactly what they want, when they want it. Now that’s a Merry Christmas.