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Christmas Blend

About Christmas Blend

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Much like my favourite Christmas dessert, the flavours in this coffee are all about the dried fruits, raisins, cranberries and sultanas. The side notes of almond and ginger and the slight boozy characteristic are all down to the way these coffees were dried during their processing. The mouthfeel is round and heavy and the sweetness mirrors those dried fruit characteristics, whilst the acidity is mild, grape like and well balanced.”

About the blend

Our Christmas blend is made up of coffees from three farms, Mi Tazita, Fazenda Chapada and Los Andes

About the Farm: Mi Tazita

Mi Tazita’s story starts in 1985 when current farmer Lorving Calderon’s parents bought the plot of land and began to farm coffee. Although the farm has always been a small, family run operation, Mi Tazita has grown alot since 1985 - especially under the stewardship of Lorving. Annually there is only one person that Lorving employs full time, however the harvest season brings pickers from in and around the local community to help. By employing people from his local community, Lorving is both benefitting himself by ensuring his entire workload can be completed and it benefits the people of Corquin by providing them jobs. Lorving sees Mi Tazita’s future involving renewing infrastructure and planting more varieties trees, as well as building a library and hopefully providing English lessons for his worker’s children.

A quick Q&A with the farmer Lorving:

What’s Your Biggest Ambition For The Farm?

“My ambition for the farm is to grow and get bigger. By improving the quality of our production, we can increase in size and hopefully generate more employment opportunities and improve the quality of life our workers.”

About the Farm: Los Andes

The farm is owned by Janet Isabel Alvarez Schneider and employs around 26 full-time workers during busy periods. Harvest time is November to February and once this is done, work begins on pruning and preparing land for planting new coffee. The team waits for flowers to open and produce the coffee, apply foliar fertiliser to protect against coffee rust, then apply fertiliser to the ground around the coffee tree.

A quick Q&A with the farmer Janet:

What would you like to do to the farm in the future?

Maintain the varietals, respect the wildlife, improve housing for the workers and find ways to obtain and save rainwater.

About the area

Fazenda Chapada can be found in the municipality of Carmo de Minas, which is located in Minas Gerais - a state in the south of Brazil. Minas Gerais is the main producer of coffee in the country. This is due to the cooler climate and higher altitudes.

About the farm: Chapada

Marcus Carvalho inherited the farm from his father in-law; before that he was a professional soccer player, who played for a number of big teams in Brazil. His experience was incredibly limited, but through a great deal of hard work, he’s managed to learn the trade. Today, the coffee produced by Fazenda Chapada is among some of the best in the world.

Marcus realised the importance of timing his harvest. Picking at the right moment greatly increases the quality of the beans, but when the time came many local workers were already picking for other farms. To combat this, Marcus thought nothing of paying his workers more. As a result he’s able to produce a much better quality of coffee.

After recognising the potential in Fazenda Chapada and the coffee he produces, Will, our Head of Coffee and Marcus decided to reinvest the money he earned from trading directly with Pact into new equipment for his farm. With advice from an independent agronomist, it was decided that a cherry sorting machine would improve the quality of Marcus’ coffee even further. Cherry sorting machines separate the ripe cherries from the underripe and overripe faster and more accurately. The result is a higher yield of better quality coffee, which means Marcus can get an even better price with every new harvest.


ACIDITYMild tartaric (grape like)
FLAVOURAlmond, raisins, dried cranberry and ginger
COUNTRYHonduras, El Salvador and Brazil
PROCESSHoney and Natural
PRODUCERSertao, Los Andes and Mi Tazita
TASTING NOTEChristmas pudding
VARIETALCatuai, Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon
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