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Mah tah zah no

About Matazano

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Ripe, dark cherry flavours and sweetness jump out of this cup with a light mixed stone fruit aftertaste. The taste is well balanced with the cane sugar sweetness and light orange acidity providing the perfect balance to naturally balance it’s bitterness.

About the farm

Jose Benites' family has a long history of growing coffee. In 2004 Jose got married and with the help of his father, also a coffee farmer, he bought 2.7 hectares of land to cultivate with coffee. As the business grew over the next few years he bought a further 4 hectares to expand his farm.

Originally the coffee was sold as cherries, straight from picking off the trees, and processed elsewhere. But Jose saw that if he were to begin processing the coffee himself he could increase the quality of his coffee and begin to sell it for more. So he joined a cooperative that taught him how to process his coffee to a high quality standard.

Last year he was able to participate in the cupping fair held in his home town of Cangual, Intibuca. The result was a score of 87 for his coffee which motivated him to market his coffee better by sending samples to new buyers.

We asked our farmer, Jose:

What is your vision for your future and that of your family?

The vision is to keep producing coffee on a small scale and gaining fair pay for the produce. If the value of Honduras’ coffee beans continues to be recognised the country could benefit hugely.

Has your partnership with Pact changed your business?

They are paying us fairly and continue to work with us each season, and hopefully into the future. With this money we have been able to buy a house near the farm for the workers when they finish working.

Do you want to expand the farm?

No, we just want to maintain the land we already have. There isn’t the correct type of land in the surrounding areas to maintain this high quality.


ACIDITYOrange (citrus) acidity
FLAVOURCherry and stone fruit
PRODUCERJose Salomon Benites
SWEETNESSCane sugar, syrup
TASTING NOTERipe cherry and stone fruit
VARIETALRed Catuai, Pacas, IHCafe90