Christmas is the time of giving.

So when you’re ending the day surrounded by crumpled piles of wrapping paper, empty Quality Street boxes, and the new socks, shiny gadgetry, and Lynx Africa giftsets you’ve just got, wouldn’t it feel good to know you’ve given something back? And not just to Auntie Jean?

Pact’s 2019 charity partner: Bowel Cancer UK

This year, Pact Coffee is proud to support Bowel Cancer UK. That means for every Christmas Blend product you buy - be it ground coffee, pods, or gift bundles - we’ll donate 50p. You’ll be helping to stop people dying of bowel cancer in the UK, and enjoying some deliciously festive coffee at the same time. Win win, right?

Bowel cancer is something that’s affected the lives of a lot of our team members, in many different ways. That’s why we’re hoping our support will raise both awareness and funds to support the incredible work Bowel Cancer UK does.

Bowel cancer in the UK: facts, stats, and symptoms


- It’s also known as colorectal cancer, and affects the large bowel (colon and rectum)

- Most bowel cancers start as polyps, pre-cancerous growths - these don’t always develop into cancer

- Bowel cancer is treatable and curable especially if diagnosed early. Nearly everyone survives bowel cancer if diagnosed at the earliest stage, however this drops significantly as the disease develops. Early diagnosis really does save lives

- Mortality rates have been falling since the 1970s, probably due to early diagnosis


- It is the 2nd biggest cancer killer

- More than 16,000 people die from bowel cancer in the UK every year. That’s 44 people every day

- It’s the 4th most common cancer

- Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer. That’s over 42,000 people every year

- Around 268,000 people living in the UK today have been diagnosed with bowel cancer

- Bowel cancer is more common in the over 50s but it can affect people of all ages. More than 2,500 people under 50 are diagnosed with bowel cancer in the UK every year

- 1 in 15 men and 1 in 18 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime


- Bleeding from your bottom and/or blood in your poo

- A persistent and unexplained change in bowel habit

- Unexplained weight loss

- Extreme tiredness for no obvious reason

- A pain or lump in your tummy

From Bowel Cancer UK: “Most people with these symptoms don’t have bowel cancer. Other health problems can cause similar symptoms. But if you have one or more of these, or if things just don’t feel right, go to see your GP.” Find out more here.

What does Bowel Cancer UK do?

Bowel Cancer UK: we unveil our new brand

We’ve chosen Bowel Cancer UK specifically because of their approach to saving lives, and improving quality of life for anyone affected. The four areas they focus on pretty much covers every angle - from raising awareness of the cancer, to funding leading scientific research.

Support: An online community to share experiences, a wide range of free health information publications, an ‘ask the nurse’ service, and detailed real life stories - Bowel Cancer UK is a much-needed resource for those affected.

Campaign: Challenging the government on a range of issues, from NHS staff shortages to access to genetic testing, Bowel Cancer UK is working hard to change policy - and making it easy for you to join and support their campaigns.

Research: While it’s the second biggest cancer killer in the UK, it really shouldn’t be - if detected early, it’s very treatable. They support and fund targeted research to help stop people dying of bowel cancer

Educate: From raising awareness of bowel cancer in communities through free volunteer-run workshops, to providing training for a range of healthcare professionals - bowel cancer needs to be understood to make sure there’s a future where nobody dies of the disease.

Support bowel cancer here, and/or by buying from our Christmas Blend range!

- Christmas Blend Coffee

We’ve carefully chosen three coffees that, when combined, give us major Christmas pudding vibes! There’s a honey-processed Honduran, Mi Tazita; a washed Kenyan, Kianyangi; and making up the lion’s share is Sertao Natural, from Brazil. Altogether, this blend has a rich round body, flavours of spiced dried fruit and peel, raisins and nutmeg, and a smooth citrus peel acidity. The sweetness is jammy and ripe - you might even get a bit of a brandy kick too! Also available as Espresso.

Decaf Christmas Blend

Don’t miss out just because you’re avoiding a buzz - get your Christmas pudding decaf hit too! A blend of Ethiopian Limu, Colombian Asomuprisma, and Guatemalan El Rincon - a perfect mix! Altogether, this blend has a rich round body, flavours of almonds, spiced dried fruit and and a smooth citrus peel acidity. The sweetness is ripe - you might even get a bit of a brandy kick from the Limu too!

Christmas Blend Pods

Same as the standard blend, but in coffee pods instead! 100% home-recyclable aluminium casing, these work with most Nespresso™-compatible machines - because you deserve a festive brew even when you’re in a rush!

Gift Bundles

And if you want to share the Christmassy, charity, coffee love? No problem - just take a look at our gifting bundles. Upgrade their coffee equipment, and treat them to two bags of Christmas Blend at the same time - you’ll be top of their list!

- Christmas Blend + V60 Bundle: for the one who’s new to speciality coffee.

- Christmas Blend + Aeropress & 8oz SoL Cup Bundle: for the coffee lover who’s always busy

- Christmas Blend + Clever Dripper Bundle: for the coffee perfectionist

- Christmas Blend, Cafetiere & Cups Bundle: for the couple that caffeinates together

- Christmas Blend + Batch Brew Bundle: for the ultimate coffee lover

Luke Squires, Director of Fundraising at Bowel Cancer UK, says: “We are delighted that Pact Coffee have chosen to partner with us this Christmas. Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, but because of the support of amazing organisations like Pact Coffee we can continue our work to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer.”