How to Make Iced Coffee at Home - Pact Coffee's Recipe

How to Make Iced Coffee at Home - Pact Coffee's Recipe

How to Make Iced Coffee at Home - Pact Coffee's Recipe

Posted on 06-12-2013
By Zell

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When the weather outside is uncharacteristically not frightful, then a steaming cup of coffee is probably not what you’re after. If the sun has finally got its hat on, try our iced coffee recipe for a very refreshing change to your morning coffee…

Picture of iced coffee


  • Double espresso (or a very short, strong coffee from your usual method!)
  • Semi skimmed milk (or your preference)
  • Ice
  • Demerara sugar


  1. Brew a short, punchy coffee. A double espresso works best
  2. Melt 1 teaspoon of sugar into the hot coffee (adjust up or down to suit your taste - this one’s up to you!)
  3. Pour the coffee over half a glass of ice (use ice made from frozen coffee, to prevent your drink being too diluted!)
  4. Top up with milk & stir for a moment


What is iced coffee made of?

In it’s simplest form, ice coffee can just be… Ice and coffee, surprisingly enough! But there’s lots of variations. We’ve added milk and sugar, for a touch of sweetness. You can amp it up with syrup and cream - or make it even more indulgent with a spoon of ice cream (float style, or blended through).

Who invented iced coffee?

The oldest reference found seems to be from writings during the 1840 Battle of Mazagran - where French soldiers cooled down with iced coffee, after adding water when they ran out of milk. When they were back in France, they brought it to the local cafés and called it ‘café mazagran’!

Will iced coffee keep me awake?

So this is one that trips people up. There is a difference between iced coffee, and cold brew. Iced coffee is just that - hot coffee that’s been cooled down by adding ice. That means the caffeine content will be exactly the same as if you had just drunk the coffee in the first place. Cold brew is a different matter - it’s brewed using cold water, which is thought to extract less caffeine so it might well pack less of a punch.

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