Meet the Advent Producers

Meet the Advent Producers

Posted on 01-12-2021
By Rachel

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Our Pact Advent Calendars sold like hot cakes once again this year! Their lucky owners can now enjoy a different coffee every day of the festive countdown. But whether you were able to get hold of one or not, the work that goes into growing those precious beans and bringing daily moments of joy to our cups is immense. So, we’re celebrating the people behind the 25 coffee doors, the coffee farmers.

Pact Coffee Advent Calendar

Day 2. Zaroca by Gilberto Basilio

Hints of: Dark chocolate and cocoa nibs

Featured on Day 2 of the Pact Advent Calendar, Zaroca comes from Gilberto Basilio in Brazil. Using some of the premiums paid by Pact for his wonderful chocolatey-tasting coffee, Gilberto has reforested land previously stripped to grow sugar cane. The scale at which he has replanted land is so vast it is visible on Google Earth! On working with Pact, Gilberto says, “It’s an excellent experience. You are honest people, doing serious and transparent work.” We’ll drink to that!

Day 5. Buenos Aires by José Ramon Collazos & Maria del Rosario

Hints of: Red plum

Day 5 brings the sensational Buenos Aires, from José Ramon Collazos & Maria del Rosario. When they first purchased the farm, it was totally barren. Over 29 years, they’ve built a home and lodging for workers and have recently used the premium they’ve received from Pact to improve the quality of accommodation even further. For Jose, coffee means more than just business: ”Coffee means community and friendship. It connects us through employment, trade and now, thanks to Pact, it connects us to new friends across the world who drink our coffee.”

Day 8. Finca Pact Coffee by Victoria & Mariano De Jesus

Hints of: Apple flapjack

Finca Pact is the Honduran star on day 8 of the calendar. This offering comes from Victoria and Mariano, a mother and son duo with whom we’re thrilled to have a long-standing relationship with. Victoria used the premiums she received from the first year we purchased her coffee to buy Mariano his own farm. It needed a huge amount of TLC to get it ready to produce coffee and it took 3 years to fully renovate it. When it was done, they named it Finca Pact in our honour and we couldn’t be more proud.

Day 11. Rancho Grande by Flávio Reis & José Carlos Reis

Hints of: Chocolate and hazelnut florentine

We welcome Brazilian coffee, Rancho Grande on day 11, from José Carlos Reis and his son Flavio. They employ 116 people on their farm and the care they have for each of them is evident. They are currently investing in renovating their workers’ accommodation, to make them more spacious and modernised. Jose says, “We are very proud to be able to generate enough jobs and to be able to contribute to the development of our city and region.” Not only that, they are committed to sustainable farming and protecting the environment – all whilst producing extraordinary coffee.

Day 17. La Laguna by Noelia Pérez Laguna

Hints of: Mandarin, orange & dark chocolate

Delicious notes of fresh orange, mandarin and rich chocolate await on day 17, La Laguna is the work of Colombian producer, Noelia Pérez Laguna. After buying the farm in 2004 she has made many improvements, including planting rust resistant Castillo trees which make for better and cleaner coffee production. She has also spent much of her time and resources renovating the processing station. The work she has put into her craft has really paid off in this delectable coffee – which she has now, quite rightly, put her name on!

Day 22. Chapada by Marcus Carvalho

Hints of: Milk chocolate & toffee apple

Brazilian Chapada takes to the stage on day 22. We first met Marcus Carvalho in 2015 and immediately saw the potential in his coffee. We financed a cherry sourcer to help improve its quality and since then it has gone from strength to strength. But before farming, Marcus was a professional football player! He now coaches the local team and is building a pitch for his employees and community. He says: “It’s great to give the local kids somewhere to come and play together. Pact Coffee helps to support our local football team with the premium it pays for our coffee.”

Day 25. Santa Lorenzo Claus by Wilfredo Sanchez

Hints of: White tea, blackcurrant, apricot & cherry

Wilfredo Sanchez grew the stunning coffee showcased on day 25. He began learning about coffee production from his father when he was just 12 years old. Wilfredo initially sold his crops to a local buyer as washed cherries, but over the years has invested a lot into his farm in order to achieve the coffee excellence he produces today. Your purchases make a huge difference to Wilfredo, “Pact buying my coffee motivates me to continue refining my processes. I’m very excited that for the first time I will get a good price for my coffee. Greetings from the El Ocotillo community!”

If you are one of the lucky recipients, we hope you’ll love your advent calendar. If not, why not take a peek at our Current Menu for plenty more amazing coffee from talented producers worth their salt.