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Angelica Huerra Bustamante Espresso

An-hell-I-Ca Her-re-ra Boo-sta-mAn-te

About Angelica Huerra Bustamante Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee been exceptionally well fermented during the washed process, which has developed the interesting cherry flavour into a coffee with a rich, creamy mouthfeel, a jammy sweetness and with well-balanced acidity characteristics which really identify it as a perfect single estate espresso.”

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I have wanted to share with the Pact Coffee community for years now and being able to put such a great representation of what Peru has to offer in your cup is fantastic.

A new washing station and warehouse was opened ahead of the 2018 crop, allowing farmers to deliver coffee with quality analysis and payment made on the same day, alleviating cash flow problems and reinforcing the understanding that with quality production comes an increase in their coffee’s value.

The balance displayed by this coffee makes it perfect as a single estate espresso. The creamy mouthfeel displayed on the cupping table is multiplied by an espresso extraction and the firm acidity holds the cup wonderfully in balance. The dominant flavour characteristic is cherry, which is reinforced by the coffee’s jammy sweetness, but a subtle bitter dark chocolate aftertaste can’t be missed.

About the farm

Angelica Herrera Bustamante owns a small, one hectare farm in the village of Miraflores del Norte in Huabal. The farm is very close to Angelica’s house, where she processes and dries her coffee and the altitude at the farm is around 1950masl. This community has been very isolated over the years and so producers have preserved their old varieties, mostly because they weren’t offered an alternative and because in this altitude coffee leaf rust hasn’t been a big problem. This means that Angelica’s farm is planted entirely with caturra, most of which is yellow caturra, which oddly seems to cup better than anything else in northern Peru.

Miraflores del Norte is an área with a huge amount of potential for quality coffee, with perfect growing conditions and great varieties, however, currently the producers lack support, knowledge and infrastructure which prevents them fulfilling this potential. All of the producers we work with in this area have been selling to various intermediaries and local aggregators, at very low prices, which has meant that they have nothing left to invest in the farm, so production is declining and drying and processing infrastructure is limited and inadequate.

Our field team is working with the producers in Miraflores to improve farm management in the off season, so that they can immediately improve yield and plant health, and once the harvest starts again, they will train the farmers on cherry selection, processing and drying. We expect to see the coffee from this area continue to develop and improve.

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ACIDITYCitric acidity
FLAVOURCherry and dark chocolate
ORIGINCajamarca, Peru
PRODUCERAngelica Herrera Bustamante
TASTING NOTECherry and dark chocolate
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