Fresh Coffee

Fresh Coffee

Browse a wide selection of award-winning, freshly roasted coffee spanning 9 origins. Discover a range of roasts and tastes you’ll love, and choose the right grind size for you.

Letting the coffee speak for itself

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a great cup of coffee. To decode the jargon, here are some explanations of the words we use to describe coffee:


It’s about memory. Does it remind you of Garibaldi biscuits, or a toffee-filled chocolate bar? Or a soft, juicy peach ripe from the tree? That’s all taste notes are, what each sip reminds us of.


There’s different kinds of sweetness. A bag of chocolate buttons is sweet, but so is a punnet of strawberries. Sherbet, caramel, baked fruit - it’s about identifying the sort of sweetness there.


Is the coffee sharp or is it milder and round, like an apple? There might be the zing of a lemon or the muted citrus of lime. It could be high acidity, or low - each affecting the overall taste.


How does it feel in your mouth? Heavy and dense, or light and bright? Our coffees are often described as “silky”, or “syrupy” - describing the sensation of the coffee as you drink it.