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Buenos Aires Pods

BWEH-noss AIR-ess

About Buenos Aires Pods

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Notes of rich plum and milk chocolate are supported by a silky mouthfeel, gentle acidity and a caramel sweetness. This balance leads to a deliciously long walnut aftertaste.”

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Our new pods

Pact Coffee pods are now 100% recyclable - the aluminium casing means all you need to do is rinse them, stack them, squeeze them and pop them in your recycling. But that’s not it. The new pods we’re using will keep your single estate, speciality coffee fresher than ever!

The outside may have changed, but the inside is still the same. World-class coffee, sourced through direct trade, and with the same range of flavour profiles we’ve always offered - that’s Pact Coffee.

About the farmers

Coffee is José and Maria’s passion. Based near Acevedo, Colombia, José bought his farm in 1989, when the whole area was barren - but since he’s been in the industry all his life, that wasn’t a hurdle for him. For José, coffee is a lot of things: a source of income for him and his wife, a way to strengthen the community, a drink to bond and build friendships over.

That focus on relationships is why he and Maria value their connection with Head of Coffee Will so much. More than a business arrangement, Will is a friend - and one that comes to visit (all the way from London) around twice a year! When José isn’t working closely with Will to grow great coffee, he likes to relax in a specially-built room that had panoramic views of the farm… he does also like to veg out to National Geographic documentaries though!

About the farm

With just 33 hectares of coffee-producing land, José and Maria have focused on working with Micro-Lots since starting work with Pact in 2015. From these, they’ve provided us with 10 different coffees over the years, but are now branching out to bigger lots. From a plot of barren land to a thriving farm that employs around 80 people, a mix of permanent staff and seasonal cherry-pickers, José has made sure that his success is felt by his whole team. Since working with Pact, he’s been able to build new housing and new bathrooms for the people who work on the farm. As he says, his priority is “to make them feel happy at the farm, to feel at home” - and according to Will, Maria’s cooking definitely helps with that!

A quick Q&A with the farmers, José Ramón Collazos and Maria del Rosario

Tell me about you and your farm

My family and I grew up with coffee: growing it is our main activity and we do it with passion everyday. My wife Maria and I enjoy having clients to visit at the farm and we want people to know how a coffee farm works, our strong relationship with our workers and how passionate we are about working in coffee.

Why are you passionate about coffee?

It is a source of family income, it generates employment and welfare for the community, it’s a dynamic trade in this region and, as a drink, it strengthens bonds of friendship.

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ACIDITYMedium, citric
FLAVOURMilk chocolate, plum, walnut
PRODUCERJosé Ramon Collazos and Maria del Rosario
TASTING NOTEMilk chocolate, plum and walnut
VARIETALCatuai, Colombia, Castillo
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