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Café Maillot Jaune - Limited Edition Espresso


About Café Maillot Jaune - Limited Edition Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This is our take on a traditional French roast. Coffees we usually sell with a bright acidity and fresh fruit notes have been blended, and taken to this roast level - creating a profile of dark chocolate, and rich fruit jam characteristics. The orange citrus acidity is present, but in a much milder form while the body is creamier than ever.”

About the coffee

To celebrate the biggest cycling race in the world, we’re marking the occasion with a brand new Limited Edition espresso. Meet Café Maillot Jaune (or ‘Yellow Jersey Coffee’!) - 250g of dark roasted espresso, with dark chocolate and fruit jam notes. You’ll notice an orange-like acidity, a creamy body, and a bigger hit of caffeine per sip - that’s thanks to the roast profile we used. Delicious, dark, and specifically made to celebrate the cycle tour of the year.

About the roast profile

We've used our version of the traditional French roast for this coffee. The French roast traditionally takes the roast into "second crack" - a point at which much of the unique characteristics of the coffee are lost, giving way to dry distillation flavours developed during the roast. A change of sweetness is normally observed, towards caramel and toast characteristics, while any acidity tends to be obliterated - normally something we’d avoid.

But we can appreciate that certain dry distillation flavours have their own charms. So for this espresso, we’ve kept the French roast in mind - working with coffee that has the rigor (AKA plenty of acidity and flavour complexity) to survive these conditions. This has resulted in a caramel sweetness, creamy mouthfeel, and an extra hit of caffeine per sip. That’s because this process means the beans lose their mass, while the caffeine content remains the same. That means a dose of Café Maillot Jaune will be a little more punchy than our traditional espresso.

About El Cairo

When Faiber Vega Salazar’s father inherited a coffee plantation and noticed his children’s interest in coffee growing, he gave one hectare to each of them. There were seven siblings, who had all been taught the traditional ways of growing coffee from their grandmother, so the farms flourished. Among his brothers and sisters, it was Faiber who took the initiative to get a loan and begin to process coffee as well as grow it. It was a smart move and Faiber has now extended to buying his neighbour’s plantation, which he runs with passion and intelligence. As well as replanting the farm with coffee varieties resistant to a fungus that can destroy coffee crops in Colombia, Fabier has planted banana trees as windbreaks which help his coffee to flourish.

About La Esperanza

Adriano Riviera has owned this farm for 16 years. It was bought from a neighbour and, at the time, Adriano knew nothing about growing coffee; his background had been in growing fruit and vegetables but never coffee. Owning his own land was always a dream, and with the purchase of Esperanza, it became a reality (the farm’s name even means ‘hope’). Today, Adriano owns another farm and has a total of six hectares on which to grow his coffee plants.

About Panibaj

Walfre and his niece Jennifer live in a small village called Panibaj - which literally means ‘between the rocks’. It’s said that visiting the village is like stepping inside an enchanted forest, full of Mayan ruins and 100-year-old coffee trees. The primary challenge for the village community has been access - access to the market, but also access to roads. Because of that, this is the first time that a coffee from this community is getting recognised in the international coffee market. Previously it has only sold its cherry to neighbouring farms.

Recently, a lot of the men in the community emigrated to Canada, while the women stayed with their children. Walfre’s coffee project is a way for the village to have another income coming in and of maintaining the tradition of growing coffee passed down generations.


FLAVOURDark chocolate, rich fruit jam
PRODUCERFaiber Vega Salazar/Adriano Riviera/Walfre Baltazar
SWEETNESSBrown sugar, jammy
TASTING NOTESyrup-filled dark chocolates
VARIETALBlended varieties
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