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Casa Loma

Cah-sa Lo-mar

About Casa Loma

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has the rich creamy, coating texture of milk chocolate melting on your tongue, the sweetness is like caramel with a very mild apple acidity. There are delicate flavours of sticky dry date and a long milk chocolate aftertaste.”

About the area

Casa Loma is situated in Acevedo, which is in the Huila region of Colombia. The 15-hectare farm grows Caturra and Castillo coffee, and sits at an altitude of 1,650m. Almost all the farms in this region grow coffee.

About the farm

Ramiro Suarez Ramos inherited his farm from his father and has been working on it since 1986. Out of his father’s four sons, Ramiro was the only one interested in coffee, and ended up taking over the running of the farm when his dad became too old to work.

In the beginning, Ramiro had 10 hectares with four used to grow coffee, but after few years, he managed to buy five more hectares from his neighbours. Coffee is the family business, and Ramiro and his family own other farms in the region; in total the family own 39 hectares. Ramiro’s wife owns land as well as another farm called El Bosque, where the family grow coffee over 13 hectares; 11 hectares dedicated to the Castillo variety and two hectares for Caturra.

A quick Q&A with the farmer:

What would you like to do to the farm in the future?

In the future we would like to introduce the Ecomil system, so we can ferment the cherries. We also hope to construct a cableway on the farm. The coffee plantations are located on high land and we know having this would improve the picker’s wellness and make harvest time a lot easier.

What's the appeal of working with Pact?

Working with Pact is a real advantage for me and for my business because Pact buy my coffee at higher prices than the local market, which means higher profits. They like my work and my production and that makes me very happy.

What about your farm are you most proud of?

What I’m proud the most is the farm itself. It’s my heritage. We are seen as an example for our community because we work hard, we do things properly and we achieve what we set out to do. I’m also very proud to know my son wants to be like his father; it is the greatest feeling!


ACIDITYGreen apple
FLAVOURDate and milk chocolate
PRODUCERRamiro Suarez Ramos
TASTING NOTEDate and milk chocolate
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