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Decaffeinated Planalto


About Decaffeinated Planalto

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“When I first tried this coffee, my instant thought was “Wow! This is decaf?”. Sat directly next to its caffeinated sibling, not much gives away the difference. It’s hard to tell it’s got 99.9% less caffeine than the other. Rich chocolate floods your mouth on the first sip of thick, super creamy coffee. It has a very light milky acidity, which is dominated by refined sugar sweetness. It really reminds me of a luscious rich milk chocolate shake”

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About the farm

For the past 25 years the Planalto Estate has been growing speciality coffees in the highlands of the Nova Rezende, in the south of Mina Gerais in Brazil. The generous space (it’s more than 900 hectares in size), the 3600 foot altitude and the surrounding natural forest, contribute to the farm’s unique microclimate - which is perfect for growing high-quality coffee.

The farm is managed by Sergio Mantovanni who, together with his wife Mariza, inherited the farm from Mariza’s father.

About the processing

We use the Carbon Dioxide method to decaffeinate our coffee. It uses highly pressurised CO2 to remove the caffeine, leaving behind 99.9% caffeine free beans. The beans are added to a water tank and pressurised CO2 is circulated through the coffee, drawing the caffeine out of the bean. An evaporation stage separates the caffeine from the CO2. The CO2 specifically targets the caffeine in the beans, drawing it out of the beans.This process is repeated until the the beans are decaffeinated. The coffee is then gently dried until it reaches the original moisture content - ready for export and roasting.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Sergio Mantonvanni:

What are your future plans for the farm?

In the future, the idea is to expand the plantations by acquiring neighbouring areas. In terms of preservation, even though the farm is 25 per cent natural forest, the idea is to expand such areas and plant varietals suited to the local area.

What benefits are provided to workers?

The farm provided housing to all resident workers with access to water and waste services. Education is also provided and wages are above regional standards. A doctor is available to assist the employees and families, and every two weeks an agent of the public health service visits the farm.

What does coffee mean to you?

It’s a passion. Passion for production. It makes me proud to know we’re doing our best.

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FLAVOURMilk Chocolate
PROCESSPulped Natural
SWEETNESSRefined Sugar
TASTING NOTEMilk Chocolate Shake
VARIETALYellow Catuai
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