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El Campanario


About El Campanario

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Rich cocoa and raisin flavours immediately stand out in this cup of coffee and they are supported by a rich, round body. The acidity is like grapes but in the same way as with dried fruit, this acidity is covered by the intense dried fruit sweetness.”

Will’s trip to El Campanario:

I had the opportunity to visit Finca El Campanario’s owner Victoria in the Masaguara region of Honduras last year. This was a visit which Victoria did not believe would happen and even as we met at a gas station outside the local town, it was clear she could not believe that I was there. The relationship that we look to build with producers is almost unique in the coffee industry amongst the millions of bags shipped every year, and a key indicator of this is that in one of the larger coffee producing nations of the world, Pact are often the first coffee buyers to visit a region let alone an individual producer and in the case of this town, this is the case.

Victoria had been inspired to switch her coffee production from lower quality commodity grade coffee to specialty grade, tasty coffee during the previous crops by one of the many local contacts that I use globally. Although Victoria has only one manzana (approximately 7,000 square meters of land), and produces just 10 sacks of coffee, when I tasted it on the cupping table I knew it was something I couldn’t let you miss out on. I bought the lot and although the small quantity makes it is bit more labour intensive to work with, it is worth it to get this great coffee to your door.

Whilst catching up with Victoria to find out what she has been doing this past year, it was great to hear that she has invested the extra money earned from selling great quality coffee back into her farm. Victoria has bought an extra manzana of land enabling her to increase her output of specialty coffee over the next few years (it takes around 3 years to get the first production from a coffee tree). Meaning there will be more of this delicious to go around for Pact customers in the future. Most importantly, it means that Victoria and her family will have a much higher quality of life.


ACIDITYMild grape acidity
FLAVOURRaisins and cocoa nibs
PRODUCERVictoria Aguirra
SWEETNESSDried fruit
TASTING NOTERaisins and cocoa nibs
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