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El Cedral Espresso

Ehl Ceh Drahl

About El Cedral Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Orange really sums this coffee up, it has delicious orange and mandarin flavours with a hint of mango. There is a distinct orange acidity, which helps to amplify the orange flavours already present as well as ripe sweetness. The mouthfeel is syrupy, it combines deliciously with the other notes.”

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About the farm

Farmer Edgar José Bastos Moreno has a long history in coffee production dating back almost 30 years. With his experience he knew that the purchase of El Cedral in 2008 would be one of his most difficult projects yet. Edgar realised early on that it would take a renewal and replanting of a lot of the existing trees, as well as general renovation of a lot of the infrastructure on the farm.

Today Edgar and his family have around 13,000 young coffee trees in production and has improved things like the drying infrastructure by building a patio with a sun shelter enabling the coffee to dry properly. Edgar and his family have seen a clear improvement in their coffee and now are focused on minimising their pollution of the local environment.

A brief Q&A with our farmer

What are you proudest of?

"With the help of my wife, Martha Elvira, and my 3 children, Maria, Martha and Julieth, I’ve dedicated myself to strengthen my coffee business, making sure the coffee we produce is the highest quality possible to delight our customers. This is how I can earn more money and improve the quality of life of my family."

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ACIDITYOrange Citrus
FLAVOUROrange and Mandarin
PRODUCEREdgar José Bastos Moreno
SWEETNESSRipe, fructose
TASTING NOTEOrange and Mandarin
VARIETALCastillo, Colombia, Caturra