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El Cedro Espresso

Ehl Sedd-row

About El Cedro Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Delicious sweet raisin flavours fill this cup alongside notes of shortbread, the mouthfeel is full and creamy. Fresh, green apple acidity and dried fruit sweetness balance perfectly to leave a clean aftertaste.”

About the farmer

Faiber Santa prides himself on being a traditional coffee grower. His dad and his brothers were all coffee growers, so when his dad died he split his 12 hectares, leaving two to each of his six sons. Eventually Faiber’s oldest brother bought the others out and so Faiber used the money to buy El Cedro.

Faiber’s children attend the same school he went to as a boy but in the afternoons they help around the farm and the home. As Faiber says, “we want to educate them and teach them about life and the best way is working with us, learning to be respectful, proactive and honest.”

About the area

Faiber counts himself lucky to be located in an advantageous position between Pitalito and Acevedo, which is perfect for growing coffee. As he says himself “Huila is a great Department, with nice people, warm weather, beautiful landscapes, lots of forest and slopes.”

But there are tough times too. Around three years ago the region started to experience serious issues with roya (a type of fungus that causes coffee leaf rust). Official recommendations were made to renovate the crops from Caturra to Castillo, which is far more resistant to disease. Faiber acted fast, but the process of changing variety is long and complex, still, he completed the renovations two weeks ago and now only 10% of his farm is unproductive.

A quick Q&A with the farmer:

What does working with Pact mean to you?

It is one of my greatest achievements. I am very grateful that an international company wants to buy my coffee. They are experts, looking for the best coffee in the country and they chose me. This means a lot to me and my family, it is the biggest recognition we’ve ever had.


ACIDITYMild malic acidity
FLAVOURRaisin, dried fruits and shortbread
PRODUCERFaiber Santa
ROAST PROFILEMedium Espresso
SWEETNESSDried fruit
TASTING NOTERaisin, dried fruit and shortbread
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