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El Laurel

Ehl Law-rell

About El Laurel

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

"This coffee is vibrant in every way, grapefruit flavours are complemented by bright fresh lime acidity. The sweetness reminds me of ripe fruit sugars with a silky mouthfeel adding a fantastic elegance."

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This lot is produced by Oscar Daniel Ramirez Valerio, who was one of the first producers from Honduras to plant his farm with a new variety known as Paraneima. It’s a variety that was released to help farmers all over Honduras combat the spread of the Coffee Rust disease. Coffee Rust is very virulent and has spread all over South and Central America decimating crops for thousands of farmers.

We like to encourage enterprising farmers, like Oscar, to look to the future of their farms and subsequently their families. Making decisions to plant great tasting disease resistant coffee trees means that their livelihood will survive for the next generation.

The coffee produced tasted so great Oscar decided to enter into this year’s Cup of Excellence in Honduras. Placing first with his exceptionally well processed coffee.

This is a huge triump for the industry and will hopefully show people in speciality coffee that the newer disease resistant coffee trees save livelihoods and still taste amazing.

I hope you enjoy the fresh vibrant characteristics of grapefruit, cranberry and lime that jump out of this cup!

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ACIDITYTart citrus acidity
FLAVOURGrapefruit, cranberry and lime
PRODUCEROscar Daniel Ramirez Valerio
TASTING NOTEGrapefruit, cranberry and lime
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