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El Sapote Espresso


About El Sapote Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee is extremely complex, with a delicious, rich cherry flavour dominating the cup and a long black tea-like aftertaste, the sweetness is like syrup. The complex, orange-like acidity and juicy mouthfeel really remind me of fresh fruits.”

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Will's trip to El Sapote

I visited the Cangual region of Honduras a year ago to meet with local coffee producers and talk about specialty coffee production. Whilst visiting a number of farms, I talked to producers about some of the small process changes that could be made, which would drastically increase the quality of their coffee. It was during this trip that I met Bernabe, a farmer in his early thirties who has a small amount of land. Bernabe was keen to produce specialty coffee and, during the next year, he followed the instructions given to him; Bernabe selected only the ripest cherries and used a basic flotation tank to sort them, being sure to carefully control their fermentation and drying.
His hard work revealed this delicious coffee; its syrupy sweetness, and cherry and black-tea flavour a contrast from the more earthy, leathery flavours generated by lower-quality cherries and processing. We have roasted this coffee to really highlight these individual characteristics, so as not to cover them with roast flavours but to allow them to shine beautifully.

We asked our farmer, Bernabe:

What is your favourite part of the farm?

I love being on my farm and walking by the beech and cedar trees that grow.

How has your relationship with Pact changed your life?

Working with Pact has allowed me to make improvements to my house giving my family more room to live.

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FLAVOURCherry and black tea
PRODUCERBernabe Bejarano
SWEETNESSSyrup, jammy and ripe
TASTING NOTECherry and blackberry
VARIETALRed Catuai, Pacas
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