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El Silencio

About El Silencio

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Along with plum and peach flavours this coffee has a distinct and unusual rhubarb flavour which I really enjoy, the orange citrus acidity is prominent but brought nicely into balance by the intense syrupy sweetness and body.”

Sustainability makes most people think about global warming and water preservation, but within the farming world there’s one other key concern; the workforce. Frankly, farming is not a glamorous, especially lucrative job, so many young people are abandoning their coffee-growing communities in favour of office jobs in the cities. Not so at Finca Silencio. By working with Pact to sell their coffee for a fair price, farms like this are thriving and so the children here are better educated, happier and associate coffee-growing with prosperity rather than hardship.

Whilst visiting Oscar Ortiz at Finca Silencio, I had the pleasure of meeting his grandson, Samuel. Samuel is a real character; bright, fun and articulate. He loves being on the farm and is clearly inspired by his grandfather’s passion for growing coffee. Samuel’s education is now paid for with help from Pact, which means he’ll have his pick of careers, but he’s determined to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. And I’m sure, under Oscar’s expert supervision, Samuel will become a star of the next generation of coffee farmers, helping to ensure the sustainability of future coffee production.

About the area:

The farm is located in the Norte de Santander department of Colombia, which is in the North-East Andean region of the country. The area is known for its mountain ranges and thermal floors, which result in perfect conditions for growing coffee.

About the farm, El Silencio:

Head farmer Oscar Ortiz Gonzalez inherited El Silencio from his father, and under his supervision the farm has grown in both size and quality. After buying out his siblings’ shares in the farm, Oscar quickly got to work making the plants more resistant to disease and harsh weather conditions. His hard work has really paid off, and the infrastructure he’s put in place ensures the farm will continue to produce high quality coffee for years to come.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Oscar Ortiz Gonzalez:

How many people does your farm employ?

We have two people from the local area that work all year round. When harvesting starts we have seven more people join for two months to pick the coffee cherries.

How has the farm grown in recent years?

It has grown in productivity a lot. By reducing planting distances I have found we can now grow more plants per hectare, expanding our production. I am also proud to have been able to build the house and mill where the coffee is processed.

Do you think that coffee production is sustainable?

My grandson, Samuel, visits me regularly from Toledo, he is only young but he loves to learn about farming coffee and one day hopes to own El Silencio, with Pact coffee buying our coffee there is a future for him in becoming a coffee farmer.


ACIDITYCitric (Orange)
PRODUCEROscar Ortiz Gonzalez
TASTING NOTERhubarb syrup
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