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Eleta #1

About Eleta #1

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

Café de Eleta is located in Piedra Candela, a place where nature, climate and altitude mingle to offer one of the best locations for Specialty and Boutique coffee production.

Café de Eleta’s premises are just one kilometre from the border between Panama and Costa Rica, in the vicinity of La Amistad International Park. La Amistad International Park is a reserve forest of Primary Rain Forest which belongs to Central America’s ecological corridor. Owing to its biodiversity and significance to the ecosystem, it has been declared a Natural Heritage by UNESCO. The coffee plants grow amongst both tropical and rain forest of millenary trees, exotic species and a wide variety of animals and plants.

Café de Eleta’s first ranch was acquired in the early 70s. Its surface area amounted to approximately 130 hectares. The company started off sowing vegetables and other crop plus breeding cattle, sheep and pig livestock. Due to the many different agricultural activities that were undertaken at the ranch, it acquired the name of Compañía de Inversiones Agrotécnicas S.A. However, in 1995 the company started exclusively growing coffee and the company took the name Café de Eleta S.A. in keeping with the company’s new activity.?In subsequent years, Café de Eleta expanded: the size of its cultivated surface area became larger and the company acquired new lands. Currently, Café de Eleta owns a ranch of nearly 420 hectares.

Because of its location, the farm takes great responsibility for looking after the environment. As a consequence, each day they care for protecting this natural heritage, home to a large number of species in danger of extinction. In order to ensure the proper care of the environment, they have taken the following measures:

  • Forest guardians ride across the ranch to make sure that it is not trespassed by poachers and that both local people and visitors respect the ecosystem.
  • Café de Eleta’s staff members receive training in environmental issues with the aim of appreciating and understanding the measures to be adopted to protect the area.
  • They are implementing a re-forestation programme to sow 5000 native species every year.


TASTING NOTEA smooth body with a balanced acidity and mouthfeel, reminiscent of sweet, warm milk.