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Fazenda Chapada


About Fazenda Chapada

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee starts with the elegance of milk chocolate melting slowly in your mouth, revealing a lingering, creamy, toffee sweetness and flavour - just like a chocolate toffee.”

About the area

Fazenda Chapada can be found in the municipality of Carmo de Minas, which is located in Minas Gerais - a state in the south of Brazil. Minas Gerais is the main producer of coffee in the country. This is due to the cooler climate and higher altitudes.

About the farm

Marcus Carvalho inherited the farm from his father in-law; before that he was a professional soccer player, who played for a number of big teams in Brazil. His experience was incredibly limited, but through a great deal of hard work, he’s managed to learn the trade. Today, the coffee produced by Fazenda Chapada is among some of the best in the world.

Marcus realised the importance of timing his harvest. Picking at the right moment greatly increases the quality of the beans, but when the time came many local workers were already picking for other farms. To combat this, Marcus thought nothing of paying his workers more. As a result he’s able to produce a much better quality of coffee.

Pursuit of quality

After recognising the potential in Fazenda Chapada and the coffee he produces, Will, our Head of Coffee and Marcus decided to reinvest the money he earned from trading directly with Pact into new equipment for his farm. With advice from an independent agronomist, it was decided that a cherry sorting machine would improve the quality of Marcus’ coffee even further. Cherry sorting machines separate the ripe cherries from the underripe and overripe faster and more accurately. The result is a higher yield of better quality coffee, which means Marcus can get an even better price with every new harvest.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Marcus Carvalho:

How did you achieve such high quality?

“When I was faced with this new challenge [coffee farming], I began to study the farm and sought help from agronomists and consultants to better understand the business.”


ACIDITYMalic (Apple)
FLAVOURMilk Chocolate and Toffee
PRODUCERMarcus Carvalho
SWEETNESSRefined Sugar and Caramel
TASTING NOTEMilk chocolate-covered toffee
VARIETALYellow Catuai