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Finca Abuelo


About Finca Abuelo

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has delicate grape and raisin flavours, which tail off unusually into an amazing caramel aftertaste. This sweet aftertaste develops during the roast process and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. The acidity has the intricate lightness of grapes, while the sweetness makes me think of ripe sweet fruits, and both of these qualities work perfectly with a really satisfying, creamy mouthfeel.”

About the area

El Abuelo can be found in the coffee-adorned hills of Honduras, around 1650 metres above sea level. Though it’s not especially easy to access, this area is utterly picturesque, surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests, dotted with black oak trees and covered by smaller shrubs.

Coffee tends to grow in this area thanks to the shade provided by guama trees (known locally as Ingas). As well as giving shelter to the coffee, these sturdy trees also produce large legumes known as ice cream beans.

About the farm

In English the name of this farm, El Abuelo, means The Grandfather. Edgar Noel, the farmer who runs El Abuelo settled on this name because of the way the farm cares for so many members of his extended family. Tending, picking and processing the coffee cherries here is done mainly be Noel’s various relations, who live near the farm in the village of San Juan.

Thanks to its relatively flat terrain, erosion is not an issue on El Abuelo, but the workers here are kept busy stripping out weeds by hand and administering fertilizer to the whole farm once a year. The organic bocachi fertilizer they use is made largely from the pulp that’s removed from the cherries during the traditional wet milling process. Noel values that fact that his farm is situated in what he calls a ‘geographically prestigious area’, so he and his team use ecologically friendly agricultural practices, picking the coffee by hand and treating the land with the utmost respect.

A quick Q&A with the farmer,

Why is your farm called El Abuelo?

In English El Abuelo means ‘The Grandfather’. That is what the farm is like to us. It cares for many members of my family, who pick and process the coffee.


ACIDITYWhite grape (tartaric)
FLAVOURWhite grape, raisin and caramel
TASTING NOTEWhite grape and raisin
VARIETALPacas and Typica
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