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Finca Durazno

About Finca Durazno

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has a great cane sugar sweetness which combines really nicely with its slightly sharp lime acidity. Flavours of fresh ripe blackcurrant and apricot really add to the coffees complexity, it is delicious.”

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Will's trip to Finca Durazno

“I recently visited the Ocotal region of Honduras to visit Marcelo Olban Ventura Dolado. Marcelo and his family have been running Finca Durazno since 1992, a period in which the commodity coffee market has given them a real rollercoaster ride, with the price of coffee fluctuating between $1/lb and $3/lb. But despite this financial turbulence, the size of the Honduran coffee sector has swelled so much that following the 2009 political crisis, it was coffee that protected the country from bankruptcy. Marcelo, and people like him are very important to this country.

But it’s over the last three years that the coffee grown here has come into its own. Changes on the farm mean the cup quality has increased dramatically. Delicious stone fruit flavours, previously masked by underripe cherries and poor fermentation practices, have now been unveiled. It was a diamond in the rough, now it’s a straight up diamond.

This has changed everything. The coffee demands a higher price, which improves the quality of life on the farm, and Marcelo’s eldest daughter Andrea now sees her future in coffee too; “my dream is to do a technical or engineering degree and use it to help my father. I’ve always been the one following him around when he works. He has always taken me out with him to the plantations so my love for coffee and the process began there.”

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ACIDITYLime (citrus) acidity
FLAVOURStone Fruit
PRODUCERMarcelo Olban Ventura Dolado and Andrea Ventura Raíz
VARIETALLempira, Catuai