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Finca San Fernando

About Finca San Fernando

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

How it tastes (by Will - our Head of Coffee):

“At first the San Fernando has a delicate milk chocolate flavour which in a second develops to full-on roasted almonds. Its acidity is very light, similar to that of an apple, and it has a round mouthfeel.”

(Psst. You can get clued up on the different coffee-tasting terms Will uses on our blog.)

About the area San Fernando is situated in the heart of the Cauca Department in the south-western part of Colombia. On the west, Cauca faces the Pacific Ocean, but its central mountain ranges make for perfect coffee-growing conditions. San Fernando happens to fall in the middle of an Indigenous Protected Area, making the farm a bit of a rarity.

About the farm The farm owner, Marleny Medez Bototo inherited the farm from her parents in 2001. A small family operation, the permanent workforce is made up of Marleny’s family, including her husband and four children. For the harvest each year, 18 pickers from the local community join the team. This act of neighbours helping neighbours is called a ‘minga’, and is vital to San Fernando’s production process.

The property’s high altitude, combined with the surrounding trees mean the coffee has a very unique acidity and quite floral flavours. The height of the property also means that much of the area is prone to landslides, leading to San Fernando losing a large number of its plants in the past.

About the coffee processing The harvesting process occurs in May, which tends to be the farm’s busiest month of the year. After the green beans are hand-picked, they are washed and fermented, before being dried. On average drying takes about 15-20 days depending on the weather. Following this, they are carefully sorted by hand to separate the good quality beans from the defective ones.


ACIDITYMalic (Apple)
FLAVOURMilk Chocolate and Almond
PROCESSFully Washed
PRODUCERFinca San Fernando
TASTING NOTEMilk chocolate covered almonds.
VARIETALCaturra and Castillo
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