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About Kwa-Kiinyu

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee vividly reminds me of vimto ice lollies, blackcurrant and raspberry flavours are combined with refreshing apple acidity. The sweetness is really full on but not overpowering, just like you get with an icy lolly on a hot day. This should bring back memories of hot Vimto on a cool evening.”

Flavour notes of... Vimto ice lollies!

This is pure nostalgia in a cup. Bright notes of raspberry and blackcurrant swirl into one, mellowed by a refreshing apple acidity, it's something seriously special. Cold brewed or chilled and put on ice, it'll give you Vimto ice lollies vibes. Piping hot? You'll be reminded of hot mugs of steaming blackcurrant squash, on cold winter nights. Perfect now the weather's turned! Utterly delicious, and in short supply... there's only 200 bags left, so get it while you can.

Highest-scoring Kenyan coffee

This is Will's highest-scoring Kenyan coffee of 2019. Trust, us that's a big deal - and it's truly reflected in just how delicious it is. There’s some truth in the saying “you get what you pay for”. So when we tell you we’ve spent the second highest amount on this from all Kenyan coffee this year, that should give you an idea of its quality. To us, Kwa Kiinyu vividly brings back memories of Vimto ice lollies - blackcurrant and raspberry flavours come with a refreshing apple acidity. There’s a full on sweetness, but it’s not overpowering - just like a fruity lolly on a warm day. Served hot, you’ll think of steaming mugs of Vimto on cool evenings.

About the Kwa Kiinyu Cooperative

The Kwa Kiinyu Cooperative is based in Machakos County, in Eastern Kenya, and grows coffee in mineral-rich ground, thanks to the volcanic soil. Formed in 1958, the group is managed by an elected board of seven members - each representing a particular growing zone of the region. Their shared wet mill services 1351 farmers, and they all work hard to produce coffee of an outstanding quality. This includes selective hand-picking of only the ripest red cherries, meticulous sorting and the use of the washed processing method.


FLAVOURBlackcurrant & raspberry
TASTING NOTEVimto ice lollies
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