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La Bendicion - National award winner - Honduras Cup of Excellence 2015

About La Bendicion - National award winner - Honduras Cup of Excellence 2015

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

How it tastes (by Will - our Head of Coffee):

“The kiwi and pineapple flavours in this coffee are deliciously sweet and tropical. There’s also a lovely, refined flavour that reminds me of Champagne. The acidity is well-balanced, with ripe, fruit sweetness. The mouthfeel is full and coating.”

(Psst. You can get clued up on the different coffee-tasting terms Will uses on our blog.)

About the farm

When it comes to coffee farmers, Edgar Benjamín Girón Ventura is a bit of a self-made man. He bought the farm himself with the aim of becoming a speciality coffee producer and selling his coffee directly to coffee buyers around the world.

Thanks to some good technical support, Edgar has seen La Bendicion’s coffee reach an incredibly high standard overall. It’s this particular lot, however, which exhibits the true extent of Edgar’s devotion.

About the coffee

We’ve had coffees from La Bendicion on our menu before, however, this Honduran National Cup of Excellence (COE) winner is a real gem.

Edgar was determined to produce a COE-winning coffee. To do so, he separated a small part of one of his lots - enough to produce just five bags as an entry for the competition. Producing speciality coffee requires a lot of care and patience, which is what they’re used to at La Bendicion. To produce a COE coffee, however, required extra diligence.

By focusing intensely on various stages such as washing and sorting, Edgar and his team were able to separate the perfectly ripe cherries more accurately. The result is a much cleaner flavour

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Edgar Benjamiín Girón Venturea:

Tell us something about the farm you could only know from working there...

“To see the farm now, you wouldn’t know that I started the farm from nothing. I invested what I had to plant coffee - thank god it was worth it. Not many take that risk, but it has paid off and people really admire my efforts.”


ACIDITYCitric (Orange)
PRODUCERFinca La Bendicion
SWEETNESSFructose and Ripe
TASTING NOTEHints of kiwi and champagne.
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