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La Cuadra Espresso

Lah Kwah Drah

About La Cuadra Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee is intensely sweet with notes of date and honey not just as delicious flavours but also showing up as intensely complex sweetness. The acidity is muted a little by the espresso roast but this fits very well with the other taste components, making it particularly delicious with milk. ”

About the area

La Cuadra farm is situated in the small town of Ragonvalia as a part Colombia’s Venezuelan bordering Norte de Santander department. This area of Colombia is rich in different terrains such as: mountain ranges, rivers and even deserts. Norte de Santander is an area that we have found to be a bountiful area to source coffee, having taken several from the area in the past.

About the farm

Farmer Jorge Eliecer Rodriguez purchased the land that is home to La Cuadra back in 1990 and has slowly evolved it into a successful high quality producing farm. Using the knowledge he gained from following his parents around their coffee plantations, Jorge grew into the tradition of not treating coffee as just another crop but instead treating it as the support for his family’s well being.

Today aged 52, Jorge has used his parents teachings to motivate his wife Maria and his two children Leidy and Nestor to follow the family traditions and treat the quality of the produce with the care that it deserves.

A quick Q&A with the farmer

How important is coffee to you and your family?

We are 100% dedicated to producing high quality coffee. I am a person that believes that if something needs to be done well it requires a lot of attention and dedication and I believe that I have given coffee 100% of my attention and dedication.

What is your greatest ambition for the farm?

For me coffee has been my life and my longing is to produce the best coffee in the world.


ACIDITYMild Tartaric (Green Apple)
FLAVOURDate and Honey
PRODUCERJorge Eliecer Rodriguez
TASTING NOTEDate and Honey