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La Cumbre Espresso


About La Cumbre Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

The intense sweetness and flavour of cinder toffee tastes phenomenal in this cup, as well as the same delicious bitterness. The body is round and coating and the aftertaste is lingering like caramel.

About the coffee

Luis Carlos Guzman Cruz has owned La Cumbre since 2010. For him, working with Pact is all about recognition for growing a quality product. And that’s definitely what he’s done in this case! The sweetness at the core of this coffee makes it fantastic as an espresso.

That’s because the high intensity of the flavour and mouthfeel developed in espresso brewing matches perfectly with the inherent flavour notes. The taste vividly reminds me of eating cinder toffee - the intense caramel flavour and sweetness, the toffee bitterness... it’s delicious! When warm, foamy milk is added to make a cappuccino, the caramel notes turn more to intense fudge.


ACIDITYMild, creamy
FLAVOURCinder toffee
MOUTHFEELFull and round
ORIGINGuadalupe, Huila, Colombia
PRODUCERLuis Carlos Guzman Cruz
ROAST PROFILEMedium Espresso
TASTING NOTECinder toffee
VARIETALColombia and Castillo
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