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La Esperanza

About La Esperanza

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Blackcurrant, dark chocolate and caramel may sound like a strange combination but the combination in the tastes and flavours of this coffee are really lovely. The blackcurrant takes the lead reinforced by the medium, apple-like acidity, the dark chocolate and caramel sweetness follow alongside the round mouthfeel.”

About the area

Esperanza is based in Bucarasica, a town in the Norte de Santander region of Colombia. The 2.5-hectare farm is at an altitude of 1.650m and grows Castillo coffee.

About the farm

Adriano Riviera has owned this farm for 16 years. It was bought from a neighbour and, at the time, Adriano knew nothing about growing coffee; his background had been in growing fruit and vegetables but never coffee.

Owning his own land was always a dream, and with the purchase of Esperanza it became a reality (the farm’s name means ‘hope’). Today, Adriano owns another farm and has a total of six hectares on which to grow his coffee plants.

Working with Pact

Adriano sold 1,500kg of coffee to Pact last year and already 1,800kg this year. He appreciates the partnership because of the way Pact understands the business and knows how much effort, dedication, passion and love goes into producing the very best coffee.

A quick Q&A with the farmer

What would you like to do to the farm in the future?

I would like to change the wet mill and buy a new one with the technology to conserve and not contaminate water. Also, I would like to renovate my house so my family can be more comfortable.

Do you have any plans to increase the size of the farm or to plant new varieties?

Not now, but we would like to buy a new farm to grow more coffee eventually and expand the family business. We want to grow exotic varieties but currently don’t have land to do it.

How has your business changed since working with Pact?

I’m more committed to the farm. I want to always strive for a better quality product and it has really motivated me to continue developing specialty coffees.


ACIDITYMalic (apple)
FLAVOURBlackcurrant and dark chocolate
PRODUCERAdriano Riviera
TASTING NOTEBlackcurrant and dark chocolate
VARIETALColombia and Caturra
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